The best Pebble and Pebble Time watch faces to download first

The best Pebble and Pebble Time watch faces to download first

Smarten up your crowdfunded smartwatch with these downloads
Pebble and Pebble Time watch faces

So you've bought yourself a Pebble, Pebble Time or Pebble Time Steel. You've lost charger, found it again and downloaded our edit of the best Pebble apps. What now?

Part of any Pebble's appeal is the retro looks so you'll want a watch face to match. Now Pebblers don't have quite the pick of feature heavy watch faces that Apple Watch and Android Wear users can now choose from.

All the more reason to check out our pick of the choice watch faces to download no matter which Pebble smartwatch you own. Just go to the watch faces tab of your Pebble smartphone app and hit the plus button to get to the store.

Bear in mind that colour Pebble Time watch faces will look more vibrant on your smartphone's screen than on the smartwatch itself.

UP for Pebble

A neat option for tracking fitness on a Pebble, Jawbone doesn't have an app for Pebble like Misfit does but it does offer this watch face which tracks steps, calories and sleep and syncs with Jawbone's iPhone app with Android sync coming soon. No Jawbone UP band required.

You can choose from three watch faces and flick to see a seven day view of your progress though it hasn't been updated for the Time's colour screen yet.


Mario Time Watchface

There's plenty of geek love in the Pebble watch face selection - if you own a Pebble Time, try this from Alexey Avdyukhin in which Super Mario jumps every minute with a background that changes throughout the day. It can also show the weather and your Pebble's battery level as well as the day and date.

If you have a Pebble or Pebble Steel, try the original monochrome Mario Time watch face by Denis Dzyubenko. DKTIME with Donkey Kong from the NES is also worth a look for nostalgic gamers.

Real Weather

This classy looking weather app is one of the most popular watch faces on the Pebble store and for good reason. There are fourteen, colour weather images of the sky to cycle through, for day and night, and the time, date and current temperature are displayed clearly in monochrome in the lower half of the display. YWeather, the most downloaded app for Pebble, is also worth a look as it shows a neat three day forecast.

Slides of Time

Inspired by that classic Pebble watch face Enigma, Slides of Time adds two things - customisation of fonts, colours and animation styles and the ability to view dates, temperatures and watch battery levels as grids of digits. Slides of Time is available in both colour and black and white.


Kiezel Time

Pebble has been promoting the Kiezel Collection and we can see why - it's a fun set of simple, clean, colourful watch faces, pixel art and brain teasers. The catch? Each watch face is free for the regular monochrome option but you have to pay to customise the background colour, hour and minute hand colours (where applicable), fill colours, you get the picture. It's really customisable.

Pixel Perfect, Simply Time and Essential are more winners from Kiezel.


For Strava users, Streble - as the name suggests - isn't an official Pebble watch face from the app but it does display weekly goal progress for runners and cyclists right on the watch face. Shake your wrist to get monthly and all-time stats plus planned future features include Timeline integration and relevant weather info such as temperature, wind speed and rainfall. Neat.



Purely from an aesthetic point of view this is one of our favourite watch faces for the Pebble Time - the preppy face and neat lines just seem to suit the chunky, retro looks of the watch itself. And no you don't need to worry about being naughty, the Dutch painter's work - including his 1930 piece Composition II in Red, Blue and Yellow is in the public domain which is the basis for this. No doubt this is just what he would have wanted.

Materials is another good shout if you want something simple and fuss free, inspired by Android's Material Design.

Cool Weather

Rather than squinting to see small, minimalist icons of weather icons, Cool Weather hits you with colour (still simple) animations of sun, rain and everything in between. They take up half the display so you can't miss them.

You can customise which weather service it uses (including Yahoo, OpenWeatherMap and and if you shake the watch while on this watch face, it gives you a description of the weather and location in words e.g. 'Fair, Shoreditch' as well as the time it last updated. Time, date, temperature and battery levels are also visible.

BCD Minimalist

If you like to work for your time update, try this watch face inspired by binary coded decimal clocks. It works with both monochrome and colour Pebbles and displays the time using coloured squares in columns - two columns each for hours, minutes and (optionally) seconds with each row having a different value (1,2,4 and 8 if you must know). If you're a real nerd you can configure the watch face to show the time in true binary format where the columns have values of 1, 2, 4, 8, 16 and 32.


Drunk O' Clock

This one is simple but cute - Edwin Finch's monochrome face adds a little sauce to time, day/date and weather updates. It basically swears at you, moaning about the time of day or what day it is, and is based on altogether more polite watch faces, which featured in Pebble's early promo images, such as Fuzzy Text.

We will continue to update this feature. Let us know any Pebble and Pebble Time watch faces that we have missed in the comments below.


  • eyekey says:


    That list is highly subjective. I don't like a single one of them.

    I only have 2 Watchfaces:

    Slides of Time (always on)

    Cool Weather (to check Weather)

  • MrCrin says:

    Thanks for reviewing Streble, those promised features are definitely on their way, not least becuase I want them for myself! 

  • AcrO_O says:

    Hi, try initTick. It's pretty elegant. 

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