The best Android Wear watch faces

The best Android Wear watch faces

Brighten up your smartwatch with one of these watch faces
The best Android Wear watch faces

Google keeps adding more and more watch faces for Android Wear users to download, including some fresh, new designer options and now interactive watch faces too. But with more choice comes more angst - which is the right Wear face for you?

Whether you're using a round-faced Android Wear smartwatch like the new Moto 360 or LG Watch Urbane or a regular rectangular model like the Sony SmartWatch 3 or Asus ZenWatch 2, it's now easier than ever to bring your device's face to life.

Here's Wareable's top Android Wear watch faces, split between the top round face options and the best bets for rectangle devices.

Best watch faces for round smartwatches


If we had to choose a favourite Android Wear watch face it would probably be this beauty, which is actually like having four different apps in one. The different modes - Albumen, Next, Episode and Runway - all offer a range of colourful and useful faces with everything from weather updates to appointment reminders included, with a bit of abstract art thrown in for good measure.

Free, Google Play

Specialized Bikes

best round android wear face

Designed for bikers who need to keep up to date with riding conditions, this app offers real-time weather info, details on sunrise and sunset times and an ever-changing precipitation graphic. It's designed to work on both Android Wear face shapes but looks best on the round models, especially the LG G Watch R.

Free, Google Play

Asics Watchface for Activity

best round android wear face

We would have liked a little bit more in-depth fitness info from Asics' debut Android Wear face but we're including it as it's a work in progress. Currently it pulls in step info from Google Fit and gives you a rating. Nothing amazing, we know, but wait until you get the fat-man icon and see how motivated you are to get active then.

Free, Google Play


best round android wear face

Star Trek fans can feel like Kirk and the gang with the fictional OS depicted on their wrists. It gives you the Stardate, of course, and you can also choose to have the Federation logo on show.

Free, Google Play

Pujie Black

Add up to three different 'complications' to borrow Apple's language to Pujie Black watch faces which are themselves customisable. Choose info like the weather, calendar events and steps with this interactive Android Wear watch face.

$1.49, Google Play

InstaWeather for Android Wear

top android wear watch face

An information-heavy weather based smartwatch app that gives you a wealth of real-time information on your watch face. It shows you satellite images so you can see when rain is expected and there's some nice forecast home screens on offer too. There's lots of fun for free but you will have to pay for some premium features.

Free, Google Play

Best watch faces for square smartwatches

Un Petit Monde

best android wear faces

Using the brilliant miniature toy figures in real world settings setup that Kurt Moses has made his photographic signature, Un Petit Monde offers fantastic animations and time-lapse videos on your Android Wear watch face. This is one just for rectangular device wearers.

Free, Google Play

Kevin Tong Watch Face

best android wear watch faces

American illustrator Tong has teamed up with MediaMonks to bring his mechanical creations to life. You can have male or female robots, or a mix of both, and the animations change as the day goes on.

Free, Google Play

Retro LCD Wear Watchface

best android wear faces

We love this retro-tastic watch face, inspired by the Casio classics of the 1980s. As well as telling you the time, it will also keep you updated with the battery status of your Android Wear device.

Free, Google Play

Matrix face for Android Wear

best android wear watch faces

The great thing about this app is that, once you've downloaded it, you'll be able to slow down time and space and have awesome ninja-style fights with evil agents. Maybe. If you can hack it that is. For those that can't it still looks brilliant.

Free, Google Play


best android wear watch faces

A simple idea made complex, Math replaces the traditional number markers on a watch face with formulae and equations resulting in the desired value. We give it √100 out of 32+1 for effort.

Free, Google Play

Harajuku Kawaii

best android wear watch faces

If you want your Android Wear smartwatch to stand out then you're not going to find anything more vibrant than this effort from produced by Asobisystem, tapping into Kawaii culture from Harajuku, Japan. It's not easy to tell the time, mind, but hey - that's not really what smartwatches are for anyway, right?

Free, Google Play


Check out the full Google Play selection and, if you come across one we haven't included that you think we should have done, let us know using the comments below...

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  • Tuscany says:

    I believe this one should be included as well:

    Qualiss Watch Face. It looks like real watch, has fully customizable color texture, 4 ambient modes and soon more information to be displayed - weather, watch battery next to the existing phone battery indicator and meetings in the next 24h :)

    Thank you!

  • stuarth says:

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  • TonyGotSkilz says:

    The comments have better watch faces than the article. I actually just purchased 2 from the comments and 0 from the article. Typically advertising in comments is a dick move but here it worked well. 

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