The best budget fitness trackers

The best budget fitness trackers

Activity tracking is cheaper than you think: Misfit, Jawbone, Fitbit, Razer and more...
The best budget fitness trackers

If you're looking for a cheap fitness tracker that doesn't compromise on features, you're in luck.

So far, we've already seen an influx of next-generation products from the likes of Fitbit and Misfit that seriously lowers the cost of getting the latest wearable tech. Quality fitness tracking needn't break the bank.

These devices are our choices for the best affordable trackers currently on the market, for $50 or less.

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Xiaomi Mi Pulse Band

Now that Xiaomi has expanded into the US and Europe, Western shoppers can buy the Mi Band, which has sold in excess of 1 million units over in China.

However there's a newer tracker from the Chinese company called the Xiaomi Mi Band Pulse - which is slowly phasing out the original wearable. The first Mi Band is still slightly better in terms of all around accuracy when tracking but you may find yourself unable to find the first Mi Band.

If you find yourself unable to find the Mi Band, the Pulse only costs $27.

It may not be the most stylish fitness band on the market, but it still manages to track steps, calories and sleep at a fraction of what most fitness trackers cost. If you're using the heart rate monitoring casually and not every night while asleep (by turning off "sleep assistant"), then the Mi Band Pulse will stretch between ten days and two weeks.

Perfect for: Serious bargain hunters.

$27, | Amazon

Misfit Flash

Fitness tracker under £50

Like the existing Misfit Shine, the Flash can track sleep and steps, be worn almost anywhere (including on the wrist), and tell when you're cycling and swimming. Like its predecessor it comes in a range of colours, has a replaceable watch battery that lasts six months and syncs with the same app.

So what's the difference? The Misfit Flash is chunkier, it's made of plastic instead of aluminium. Check out our comprehensive Misfit Flash review.

The aluminium Misfit Shine is also worth a look - it hasn't had a price cut everywhere but is now just $49.99 in the US.

Perfect for: Swimmers. You might find a Flash-esque looking device coming up next but you won't want to be taking that anywhere near a pool.

$29.99, | Amazon

Misfit Flash Link

Misfit Flash Link is $20 smart button

Misfit's latest Flash, the Link, is another really, really cheap option that's great if you want to get into wearables without the initial investment. It's a bit confusing as it's essentially a Flash, that comes with a belt clip instead of a wrist strap and is cheaper than the original.

It's an activity tracker and smart button rolled into one, with iOS and Android support and IFTTT integration for smart home shenanigans. In the app you can create functions and rules for taking selfies, starting Spotify playlists and controlling Nest thermostats from your wrist. The idea is that you wear one Link and buy more to place around the house.

Perfect for: Smart home early adopters.

$19.99, | Amazon

Jawbone UP MOVE

Best cheap fitness band

Let's not pretend that the Jawbone UP Move isn't just a Misfit Flash in slightly different clothing. It's clear that Misfit had the idea of making its popular Shine more plasticy and affordable at the same time the team at Jawbone were thinking along the same lines.

But we judge each device on its own merits and the UP Move has plenty of them. It has an accelerometer for step tracking and the like, and there's sleep tracking on offer too. Fashionistas will be pleased that it comes in a range of different colours, with different clasps and straps to mix and match.

Perfect for: Existing Jawboners. The UP Move app seamlessly ties in information from friends (and rivals), making it easier to motivate yourself towards your goals.

$49.99, | Amazon

NuYu Personal Activity Monitor

NuYu Personal Activity Monitor

This NuYu tracker is pretty ordinary in itself - small, monochrome screen, bands that come in different colours, water resistant, plenty of stats and graphs in the companion app.

Where it differs is the reasonably cheap price and the system it hooks up to. We have also tested the $50 NuYu wireless scale and a warming and cooling Sleep Mat, albeit a lot more expensive at $500.

NuYu doesn't have the tracking accuracy or the community of most of its rivals here but a tracker and smart scales for $100 isn't bad going which is why it makes this shortlist.

Perfect for: Beginners who want to track daily activity and weight loss with one affordable system.

$50, | Amazon

Razer Nabu X

Best cheap fitness band

Apart from the fact there's no screen to display notifications, the Razer Nabu X is essentially a half-priced Nabu. It tracks distance, steps, calories and sleep, and is a little smaller and more discreet than its bigger brother.

The set up is a detachable module and, instead of a display, you get three colour LEDs which can light up red, green or blue to notify you of smartphone notifications, or tell you how well you're doing against your goals.

Perfect for: Anyone who waited all that time for the original Razer fitness band to arrive but decided that, at half the price, they didn't really need a display after all.

$49.99, | Amazon

Fitbit Zip

Best budget activity band

This is Fitbit's least capable fitness tracker, but it's still a useful bit of kit – there's no sleep tracking and no way to measure elevation, but steps, distance and calories are all covered and the Zip has wireless syncing capabilities too.

Add to that the rock-solid Fitbit software and platform and it's an appealing choice for anyone who wants to keep things simple on a budget.

Perfect for: Fitbit family members. Fitbit Zip users can challenge other Fitbit device owners, whether they be One, Flex or Charge, in the existing Fitbit app.

$49.99, | Amazon

Fitbug Orb

Best cheap fitness tracker

The Fitbug Orb's lightness is the biggest selling point here. Again, sleep, steps and calories are the three main metrics it's measuring, but the app and web interface can prove fiddly to operate and its low price definitely shows through in its overall design.

That said, you can use it as a clip-on gadget or around your wrist, so you have options when it comes to how to wear it.

Perfect for: People who want to track their food intake with a bit more detail - the nutrition aspects of the Fitbug companion app are pretty good.

$49.99, | Amazon


  • SteveCannes says:

    I personally have bought the Mi Band and I have to say, for something this cheap (bought it for $18) it's impressive. I can personally vouch for its accuracy. I was surprised when it knew exactly when I went to bed and when I actually fell asleep! No settings required. The app is simple to use, quite straightforward, but only gathers data, doesn't exactly analyses them and give you recommendations. But updates are quite frequent and future versions of the app might do this.

    The app also updates the Mi Band's firmware and you can switch the LED of the band to a few colors from the app. Battery life - impressive, 2 weeks on and it was still 67%. Definitely one of my best buys ever!

    • UTSAV says:

      Does it have an alarm? I want it to wake me without disturbing my partner. 

      • Luke says:

        yes. I have had mine for three weeks. The alarm feature is great. You can set up to 3 alarms from the app. 

        It also vibrates with notifications and phone calls. It amazes my friends that I know my phone is ringing when it is in the other room on silent.

        I purchased the MI band for $18.50 with free shipping and it arrived in 4 days. Best fitness tracker for the money. 

    • UTSAV says:

      Does it have an alarm? i want iit to wake me up without disturbing my partner. 

    • bc82 says: u have to activate step counters manually or it register steps 24 hours?

      i had one the ibody tracker that was always active and very accurate (it only had sport and sleep mode, nothing more), but unfortunately i lost it, so i want something similar but "smarter"


      • mackanmax says:

        it loggs them automatic :)))) (most of them)

    • Cookie says:

      1. Did you buy from their website? It says they're out of stock, so curious as to whether they'll be getting more in stock or not, since Amazon is nearly 2x the price.

      2. In the pictures, it shows distance being in kilometers. Is there a way to change it to miles instead? If not, it's not too big of an inconvenience.

      3. Do you just plug it in to re-charge or do you have to buy new batteries? 

    • Anette says:

      I have a question, Does that screen on the watch show time? And can you use it as a stop clock?

    • Anette says:

       Does the screen show  the time? And can you use it as a stop clock?

  • Cam says:

    The new Fitbit Charge has huge improvements over the previous wrist wearables from Fitbit.

  • Philp says:

    The Infinity Bracelet is another cheap fitness tracker option costing only $32.

  • Vicki says:

    Just wanted to mention that the link for the Pivotal Living band is actually  (The one listed goes to another company).

  • Apratim says:

    Purchased a fitbit surge from Fabmart. So far it is pretty good. The battery does not last as long as HR but it was expected as well. I am waiting for the Apple watch to become available in India. Fabmart seems to have the widest collection of fitness trackers at the best price in India. check them out here:

  • mompro says:

    The pivitol living band is a piece of junk.  The $12 I paid was too much.  It only shows time and sometimes acts as a pedometer.  It does not communicate well with any of our android phones and the time part of the watch keeps getting reset and we have to have the phone to set it up again.

    • the5krunner says:

      never played with that one...least it was only $12. You can easily spend more than $100 for something equally as useful. The sub £/$50 price tag must be the place for 2-3 year old products or ones aiming to just let us try this stuff out. Most of them, I imagine, will not be up to much apart from inaccurately estimating steps and having a go at measuring a few other things. 

  • vizirxsmart says:

    First of all, thank you so much for the great review and comments. Nothing waste, information structured perfectly. So Xiaomi Mi looks the best thing on such price for me. Frankly speaking, I was amazed with Pivitol Living Band, but after people's comments I think it isn't good choice.

  • Mariamia says:

    jawbone UP 24 is no longer manufactured because of numerous glitches UP24 owners with problems have been give Jawbone UP 2 starting more than four months ago. Keep UP

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