Jawbone UP2 review

Jawbone UP2 review

Jawbone's new fitness tracker gets the basics right and that's enough
Jawbone UP2

The Jawbone UP2 is the middle child in the company's new range of fitness trackers, yet will no doubt appeal to the majority of buyers.

The $99.99 Jawbone UP2 is a basic step and sleep tracker, worn as a wristband, helping you towards your daily goals.

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To put that price in perspective, the Fitbit Charge HR is a $149.99 model with heart rate tracking, and the Misfit Shine, which offers the same functionality as the UP2 is $75.99. The Jawbone Up3 is $179.99.

Sitting between the company's flagship Jawbone UP3, with its bevy of bio-sensors, and the budget Jawbone UP Move, the UP2 is a direct replacement for the ubiquitous Jawbone UP24 – which has now been put out to pasture.

It comes with a feature set that's now standard in a crowded market – but is Jawbone's new offering worthy of your cash? We put it through its paces to find out.

Jawbone UP2: Design and features

Jawbone UP2 review

The Yves Béhar-designed Jawbone UP24 was one of our favourite looking activity bands, with its huge range of vibrant colours and slim design.

At launch its successor came in just two colours – a flashy silver and black. But the September 2015 update brought with it a host of new colours from turquoise (pictured) to purple, as well as a quasi-rose gold called "oat".

The unit itself has a textured aluminium top which merges with a rubber band. This does tend to discolour a little over time.

The strap design looks a little elaborate but is fairly easy to do up, and most importantly, doesn't catch and come undone. It's a bit of a faff to get to the right tightness and it's designed to fit quite loosely, but we found it light and comfy.

In terms of features: there are three. First is daily activity mode, which keeps tabs on your steps, calories burned and any bursts of activity. The second is sleep mode, which records your slumber time and quality, and the third is a stopwatch, which you set manually when you're going to head out for exercise. The sleep mode also has a smart alarm feature, which wakes you up in the lighter part of your sleep pattern for brighter mornings.

There are no physical buttons or a screen on the UP2 – although you can switch between modes by tapping on top of the unit. However, unlike rivals, there's also no display to show you how close to your goal you are. For that, you will need to refer to the all-new Jawbone UP on your smartphone, which is currently available for iOS and Android.

While the Jawbone UP2 isn't waterproof – which puts it behind the Misfit Shine for swimmers – it is splash-proof, so should survive washing the dishes.

Overall, it's a complete range of basic features, which stops short of heart rate sensing. It means the picture of your health will be less accurate, but for those looking to ensure they're getting enough sleep and exercise, it's more than adequate. And what's more, the sensors – unlike the more advanced ones on the Jawbone UP3 – seem to actually work.

Jawbone UP2: Activity tracking

Jawbone UP2 review

As a step tracker, the Jawbone UP2 is accurate, for the most part. It was in line with the Fitbit Charge HR and Apple Watch, without any crazy differences. As it relies on an accelerometer to guess your steps, it's never going to be spot on, but these devices are designed to be general guides to your activity levels, and we have no problem with the results.

As you go through the day, the Jawbone UP2 will also keep tabs on your active and total calorie burn, the time spent active, time spent idle and distance travelled in the day. It's an extremely potent set of data, and as good as any tracker on the market.

Another nice touch is that any burst of activity can be tagged with a number of exercises, from hiking to Zumba. While as a sports tracker the Jawbone can't touch any device with heart rate tracking and GPS, it means that you can build up a more complete record of your fitness, with suitably arbitrary guesses of your calorie burn.

Jawbone UP2 review

The Jawbone UP2 is very responsive to bursts of activity, and our daily charge to work was tagged properly, as was dancing the night away in bars.

When you know you're about to embark on a physical activity you can start the stopwatch, which will record your activity session. This is a great idea, but suffers two downsides: first, you have to go into the app to start a session, which is annoying. Secondly, if you stop exercising, the session will stop. We tried this on a four hour hike, and the band stopped recording the session when we sat down for a sandwich and a drink. It would be much better if you started and stopped sessions from the band itself. With good activity tagging, though, you won't need to use this feature often.

Jawbone UP2: Sleep tracking

Jawbone UP2 review

The sleep tracking also worked well – which is a rare phrase to grace the pages of Wareable. Deep sleep did tend to be a lot lower on average than other trackers we've used, but maybe we slept badly. We'll never know.

What we can say is that sleep was always recorded at the correct length, and momentary waking periods were always registered accurately, which is more than can be said for many of the UP2's rivals.

Sleep recognition is automatic, with no need to manually activate sleep mode. When you wake up, you can check out a decent graph of your sleep, which shows light, deep and wakeful cycles, and the overall results are far more in-depth than the Fitbit Charge, which suffers from a woeful lack of detail.

Overall, the Jawbone UP2 is a highly competent fitness tracker, which will suit part time fitness fans. Runners and cyclists will want more detail, but those who just want to hit their daily step goals and take fitness classes will find the Jawbone UP2 suits them well, and it is only bettered by the heart-rate monitoring Fitbit Charge HR.

Jawbone UP2: App

Jawbone UP2 review

Thanks to Jawbone ending its partnership with Fullpower Technologies and its MotionX platform, the UP2 has a shiny new app.

The revamped Jawbone UP app – which is the same one you'll use with the UP Move and the UP3 – is one of the most comprehensive out there.

The app layout is really simple and easy to use. The app defaults to your daily stats, with your sleep and step goals prominently displayed at the top. You can then go back through time using the back and forward buttons, and notifications are displayed underneath. These could be activity bursts, which can be assigned to particular sports, or insights from the Smart Coach.

Smart Coach is one of Jawbone's big innovations, which it promises will provide insights into your behaviour. It works to a certain extent. Smart Coach will reveal how you compare to your weekly averages, and whether you're doing well, or slacking off – and we love the added contextual insights.

Jawbone UP2
Wareable may get a commission

However, while added insights are always welcome, a coach it is not. An actual coach would recommend workouts, and challenge you to push yourself. Jawbone's Smart Coach is more of a number cruncher, taking your stats and turning them into percentages. It makes for one of the best fitness tracking apps out there, but there's still much to be improved.

Jawbone UP2: Battery life and charging

Jawbone UP2 review

The Jawbone UP2 charges by a proprietary cable that clips magnetically at the back. It then charges by the USB on your laptop or PC. It's an adequate system, but means you'll need to carry around the specific charger everywhere, or render your UP2 useless.

The battery will last an impressive seven days between charges, which outstrips the Fitbit but lags way behind the likes of the Misfit Shine, which will last six months between charges.

However, someone at Jawbone does need to sit in the naughty corner. The design of the charging cable makes placing it into a laptop very difficult. Very silly indeed.

Jawbone UP2
By Jawbone
While the Jawbone UP2 falls short of the Fitbit Charge HR when it comes to advanced fitness skills, it's a comfortable, good-looking and accurate activity tracker that totally nails the basics. The strong fitness tracking, activity tagging, sleep monitoring and smart alarm make a near dream suite of features. While proper sports fans will look to GPS enabled trackers, and swimmers are better off with the Misfit Shine, the UP2's a solid bet.

  • Accurate step and sleep data
  • Smart alarm
  • Great app
  • Naff clasp on strap
  • Not waterproof
  • No heart rate monitoring


  • Doubles66 says:

    The step counter on the jawbone up 2 is terrible.  Example, compared to Fitbit after 2 hours of singles tennis, Up 2 = 2053 steps, Fitbit 5302 steps.  Several other examples over 2 week time period.  Would not recommend. 

    • shaffiya says:

      maybe #UP2 is more accurate than #FitBit ... have you try compare with third band?

    • j.stables says:

      We found the Jawbone UP2's data to be in line with both the iPhone 6 and Fitbit Charge HR's walking data under testing. They, of course, are not exactly the same – tracking steps by your arm movement is too inexact. 

      Tennis would be a terrible way to compare two step trackers as it's not a normal sport for steps, and more importantly, also the dominant/non-dominant hands work completely differently in each. Also, make sure your comparison Fitbit is set to the right hand, as we found huge inconsistencies with that device, if you have it set up incorrectly.

      The important thing for step tracking is that they're roughly accurate (so you don't need to do 15,000 steps to hit a 10,000 step goal) and that they're consistent, so you can improve on previous days and enjoy a net benefit. We found the UP2 to fulfil both those criteria in our extensive testing.

    • Elacy3 says:

      you are so right I do a lot of walking at work I usually get between 13,000 to 20,000 steps depends how busy it is but the jawbone up2 tracks on like 6000 to 7000 steps it's garbage...they sent up2 to replace my up24 which was so much better.

    • Jrtc3317 says:

      I've had to replace my jawbone up2 band three times now. I don't recommend this product at all. Jawbone is terrible. Go Fitbit if you have the choice. 

      • Uju says:

        Hello, i need to replace my band. Where can I get that done in the uk? am currently in Derby

      • Fro-Zone says:

        Couldn't agree more. I was given an UP2 as a gift so treated it with care. The clasp is pathetic (what's wrong with a simple watchstrap? Why reinvent the lightbulb?) and the strap itself is so flimsy that it tore apart where it's own starp had nicked it during one the many daily tightenings it required. Save yourself the bother and avoid any products from whoever came up with this.

  • Lawnin says:

    WE bought tow wrist band UP2.  One hooked up right away and the other does not work.  Disappointing experience so far.

  • fitbit says:

    Don't know who paid you to do this nice review. I received the jawbone 2 as an exchange for my jawbone 24-which I loved, but quit working. Hate the jawbone 2-it is not accurate in steps. The tapping for sleep mode seldom works-so I always have to enter manually if I want to use it. The clasp releases the band several times throughout the day and night, and also catches on things. When I spoke with Jawbone customer service I was told that I just had to get used to the "New Technology". How condescending.....

    • j.stables says:

      Sorry to hear about your bad experience. What is your experience with the step counting? The tapping into sleep is a faff, for sure. It said double tap in the instructions, but ours required a triple tap. Maybe that might help?

    • HesNot says:

      At least you got an UP2 for your 24 - the offered me a Move for my less than 4 week old 24 which I declined and returned it to the store... I'm sticking with my Shine for the moment.

    • acarolinea says:

      I also received it as a replacement for my UP 24 which I had totally loved.  My first problem was that the step count was always inaccurately reflected in the app. It would, at first, indicate  8,000 (for instance), but when the app fully synced, dropped by 2-3,000 steps.  I'd have the vibration, telling me I had hit 10,000, but the app said 2,000 less.  The problem with incorrect step notification seems to be corrected--was a problem with the app, I believe.

      HOWEVER, another issue has come up. My tracker is constantly putting itself into sleep mode!! During step aerobics, I can't count how many times my wrist vibrates and when I look, I see the blue light--there's no time to fix it, unless I want to get hurt in a room full of rapidly stepping or kickboxing women. When I am talking, and gesturing with my hands, it goes into sleep mode. Reaching into the fridge to put something away, into sleep mode. Doing yoga, sleep mode twice in a row. I have had the problem when crossing my arms or wrists, which is understandable, but should not when my hands are flying through the air at warp speed!! A few days ago, I was making dinner, and it went into sleep mode--I was only chopping vegetables!! I quickly switched it back and as soon as I turned my hand back over, it immediately went into sleep mode.I fixed it, turned my wrist and back into sleep mode, AGAIN!

      And double tapping to "wake it up"--forget about it. There are times I've had to double tap OVER 47 times--that's almost 100 taps!!! This happens day and night. Whenever I WANT to "wake it up", it is nearly impossible, and when I don't want to, it does it by itself.

      The UP 2 is nowhere near as good a device as the UP 24 was. I find it difficult to put on, yet it falls off all the time. This thing has too many bugs in it. I hope my complaints are reaching the R & D department because I don't believe this was ready to be sold. My tracker was a replacement for an UP 24 that stopped working--and cost way more money than this device.I feel I have gotten the "short end of the stick" and have not received the value that I originally paid for. This one isn't half the fitness tracker the other was.

  • kimber says:

    Loved my first UP, but the battery stopped charging well at just over a year.  Changed to an UP24 - after three replacements that didn't work, gave up and went to FitBit.  I missed the UP app though, and came back to UP2.  Once I got used to the band, it stopped annoying me - I've never had it unclasp.  I am on my second - I liked the grey, but as the review said, it discolored quickly, so had them send me a black replacement.  I don't think it tracks sleep as well as the original - tells me I sleep lightly almost exclusively while the original said I was a deep sleep champion (which feels more accurate.)  Steps are probably accurate enough, from what I can tell.  We'll see how durable this one is.  Jawbone has excellent customer service when you have a problem - but I wish I hadn't had to test that out so many times in the past.

  • ahbap says:

    Nice review. Jawbone UP2: Sleep tracking app screenshot shows REM detail but UP2 not measure REM. Onle UP3 and UP4 has advanced sleep tracking. I think you should change the screenshot.

  • kim1of2 says:

    I loved my up2 the first week, but after that it has been downhill. I take it off to shower, etc. The battery only lasts for 2 days. The charge goes from "6 days remaining" to "recharge immediately." This happens over and over, even once I have charged it all night. Also, it randomly goes into sleep mode, especially when I am working out, which is of course extremely frustrating. The up2 was a replacement I received after having 3 up24 bands die in less than a year. It took over 9 weeks for the last one to be replaced with this fine piece of technology. Now I have an utterly worthless but really comfortable black bracelet!

  • rypal says:

    This thing started out great for me but had slowly gone down hill to the point of I will never buy another Jawbone product again. The sleep tracker is way off. Half the time the button to switch to and from sleep mode is non responsive or even better, if you work out too hard or lift it switches itself back and forth. Super annoying. Many times I just take it off which defeats the whole purpose. Today did it for me when it decided to not track Amy activity

  • Pamela says:

    I'm onto my second jawbone.  first one lasted about 4 months before playing up. The second one lasted 2 days.  So instead of charging it every 7 days it dies after 2 days with know warning at all, while my phone is telling me I still have 6 days left.  Not sure what to change it to all I know is I'm not happy with jawbone at all.

  • torbjorngk says:

    I agree with all the above comments. I had great expectations. I really liked my Up and Up24 but the quality let them down. I had to do four replacements in a year. I thought the Up2 (which was a replacement for what would have been my fourth Up24) would improve the experience but it has been the opposite. I lost my first one after four days as the strap came undone. I now "tie it down" with string and that's saved it 3-4 times in a month. It constantly requires re-pairing, it no longer recognizes cycling activists (I.e. No "steps" recorded). I haven't been able to search for the restaurant where I eat as the location feature stopped working quite a while ago. Customer support is non existent (except for giving my real placement bands for faulty ones!). In short I can't really recommend this to any one!

  • Tuscanwv says:

    I got this as a replacement for my up24.   I have worn both at the same time while having them connected to different accounts so can compare their accuracy.  I have done this over a period of days with them worn on the same wrist, with one first on my wrist on day one and second on my wrist day two.  I have worn them on different wrists.  All the combos imaginable.  The up2 is always drastically lower in my step count and higher in my sleep.   It is difficult to get on and falls off easily.  It takes multiple and I mean multiple taps to get it to respond in order to change modes.   It is a horrible design!  I would NOT reccomend.

  • deanie says:

    My friend has the original Up and I was told to get the Up2 by Best Buy as it is the newer version. We compare our steps in tennis as we play doubles. Not even close. So that means the steps are a joke to me. I have owned it a week and it only stays charged for 2 days if that even. I wish I had gotten the original. My friends stays charged for 5 to 7 days. Now that I have read these reviews I see many people have the same problem with the battery. What a waste of $100.00. And I like the original design. Oh well. Live and learn. I think I will switch to a different brand in the future.

  • wkm says:

    I have had 4 Jawbones - the last of which was an UP24. None lasted more than 5 months. The rubber casing stretches in the heat (I live in Brunei) which made it impossible to plug in to recharge or (with the UPs) to even sync. I would LOVE to try the UP2, but judging from the comments in the review and especially from those who commented afterwards, Jawbone still seem to have major design issues. I've spent enough on their technology so am very hesitant about trying the UP2. 

  • Ginak3 says:

    I received a Jawbone UP2 two days ago as a replacement for the tangerine Up24 which I dearly loved and which shot craps a few days before the year's warranty expired.  Well, the UP2 seems to be right in line with the comments above.  It takes numerous taps to elicit any signal from the bracelet, the colors light up for a few seconds then disappear, leaving me with no idea of what sort of data is being (or not being) collected.  I will give the UP2 a few more days' trial to see if things get better, but I have a sneaking suspicion that the return envelope will contain both the UP24 return and the UP2-totally unworkable- replacement.  Must say, however, that customer service was great and that they communicated with me by e-mail and phone in a prompt and courteous manner.  They must get tired of complaints so they get plenty of practice biting their tongues.

  • Denise says:

    I too received an UP2 from Jawbone to replace my UP24 which I absolutely loved. I'm having problems changing the modes from day to night. I've tapped so many times and in different places on my band. After a. month, I still can't figure out where to tap the band to change modes as it is so inconsistent.  I wonder if Jawbone is using refurbished bands as a replacement.  The alarm is wonderful, but this morning I wasn't able to stop it (it buzzed 29 times). It's very frustrating to have to go to the app to change modes, but I feel slightly better knowing other people are having the same problems. 

  • ElizabethP says:

    The UP2 is total rubbish, I have this for about 3 weeks and it has provided me with nothing but grief. It will not keep paired with my Note 3, if I am on my bike it constantly changes between day and night mode on it own every time I go over a bump, wont keep connected to my apps says I am sleeping when I am not................need I go on.

    Do not waste your money as the only thing that this is good for is telling you when to go to bed and at 53 years old I think I am old enough to decide this for myself.

  • kako says:

    I received UP2 from my wife after my UP24 button recessed and unable to work.  The UP24 was a perfect companion for over a year and I really thought it was perhaps one of the best in the market.

    Unlike UP24, UP2 is a total disappointment.  Here are the points:

    1. The app doesn't sync well and needs to go back to Apple Store to get specialist to do it. 

    2. UP24 tracks sleep patterns even if I forgot to turn it on.  UP2 just doesn't.  Sometimes, manual inputs doesn't work either. 

    3. It doesn't automatically sync all the time and it is very slow per sync.

    4. Somehow, the app kept stalling and needs unpairing & repairing again and again.

    5. Lights sometimes go crazy on its own and online info doesn't cover its behavior.  Only way is to unpair and re-pair.

    6. Time and date during manual inputs are not inline with the real time on iPhone.  It is around 5 days after the actual day (no reasons).

    7. Complaints to Apple Store were made - they said they already made requests for APP updates from Jawbone.  Nothing consumers can do but wait till the next software upgrade....

    I really like Jawbone products - speakers, headphones and previous UP and UP24.  This one is really a disappointment.  It took me 2 months of ownership and many disappointing moments before I wrote this review. 

    I hope the Jawbone team would start cleaning up all the glitches and problems that the app is experiencing.  I don't mind waiting if the product is really good but releasing a semi-finished work-in-process product is not a good idea. 

  • Hatemy24 says:

    My 2 was also a replacement for the 24 that wouldn't hold a charge. What a piece of garbage. It tells me I am getting less than 2 hours of sound sleep. The 24 was pretty accurate. The band is AWFUL.  I'm guessing it was designed by their competition. 

  • nino says:

    I am having the exact same problems you guys are mentioning. My band is a replacement as well. It looks like we are getting refurbished units that had issues, and I am assuming they are just getting a hard reset and sent out without proper testing. I used to love my UP24. fitbit here I come  

  • sheri81428 says:

    The UP2 is terrible! Poor activity tracking, sleep tracking and it kept unpairing itself. Fortunately I had not sent my UP24 back to them as soon as I received the UP2 as a replacement.  I decided to deal with my UP24 battery issues and boy am I glad I did.  They finally resolved themselves and I'm back to having 7 days worth of battery on my UP24.  As long as I don't let the battery totally discharge I have no issues with the 24.  I sent the UP2 back to them and told them to forget it.  I don't know who writes these reviews, but it's not accurate at all.  And yes, you had to download a different app for the UP2 but it looks and works the same as the one for the 24 does.  Save your money, do not buy a Jawbone product.  When my 24 finally dies, I will definitely choose a different brand.

  • laasyas says:

    WORST activity band and the customer service is even worse! ! I made my purchase 2 months ago and within a week of wearing the band, the clasp kept opening up and the band kept falling off. I lost the band 3 times and fortunately I was able to trace back my steps and find it. I have to use a piece of tape to hold it in place. A few days later, the band stopped synching with the app and I had to go through numerous trouble shooting processes to no avail. I thought the UP24 was a bad product, but this is just a sheer waste of money.

  • RG1 says:

    Just received my up2 (replacement for my up24).  I am still getting use to it but I am not as happy with the look, feel, or functionality of up24.  The 24 looked like jewelry this one looks like a band.  The modes easily changes over the course of the day when my arm bumps up against things, and the clasp does come undone.  I feel like I am at risk of loosing this band.  I am hoping for that it gets better because I am considering switching over to fitbit.

  • jboo says:

    My UP is a nice wearable, not to big and easy to wear. The apps are very good. But it is tempermental, I have to pair it at least once every day and many days more often than that

  • HeatherLou says:

    agree re difficulty of charging it

    And re frustration re unwieldy tapping into sleep mode

    And accidental moving between sleep and activity mode

    Very disappointing compared to previous Jawbone.

    Would not buy again.

    Wish I got a Fitbit.

  • mrtkmsgl says:

    I have been testing up2 for 4 days. I have got some concerns about falling it from my arm so I am using it with another wristband accessories and that s fine.

    It has good sleep tracking. 

    tripple tapping to change modes really works.

    ssmart coaching is really gets you motivated and software is one of the best I think.

    However it has terrible step tracking though, when I am working on my computer I had 700 steps which is annoying issue.I think the main problem of this wristband is the sensitivity problem which makes this stuff useless.

    • Matte says:

      How could you get another wristband?

      Mine is broken and I don't know if I can change it or if I have to throw away the all tracker...

      Thank you!

  • Squaredbm says:

    I lost my UP 2 band 3 weeks ago tomorrow. I can tell it is still at hotel where we were staying at the time. The UP app still tracks me every day and the battery life still says 7 days.  How can this be? Have you ever heard of this. Just very curious. If mr IPhone battery goes dead that is the only time the tracking stops. Any insight?

    • susie says:

      I lost my up2 a few weeks ago due to horrible design of clasp! Steps continue to record on app. Think it records directly to app as the steps on UP app are the same as another step app on phone. Called customer service about horrible clasp. Were nice but unresponsive!!. I am now looking to buy from another company.

      • Alice says:

        I had the original jawbone and loved how it wrapped on your wrist- then when I replaced that one I liked the design and the features of the up2.   When I first purchased the new UP2 I thought this will be different (Clasp).   More than a dozen times it has come loose and fallen off, I was lucky  that it just dropped and someone noticed it .I am so upset because now this time it came loose and is lost-  Could you possibly come up with a better design for a clasp.

  • JessLM says:

    I recently got a new UP2 after seeing the band redesign.  I've been using a Fitbit Charge HR for several months, but I wanted to give Jawbone another chance because I wasn't feeling motivated by the Fitbit.  Hopefully, Smart Coach will fix that.  However, I've found a pretty dramatic step inaccuracy between the two bands. I'm currently wearing both on my non-dominant hand (I'm cool like that), so I can compare the performance. This morning, I walked my kids to school, pushing a stroller.  I used the Fitbit's activity mode to get some stats on the walk.  According to Fitbit, the walk covered almost .6 miles (pretty accurate based on my phone's GPS) and around 1400 steps. For the same exact time (figured out by putting in an activity in the UP app after the fact), the UP2 only gave me credit for around .2 miles and 300 steps!  Jawbone support, which did at least respond very quickly, just says that it's important to swing my arms when walking or to try to keep my arms closer to my body when I push a stroller.  OK... but why is the Fitbit able to do so much better?

  • dougc-3 says:

    I had Jawbone to send me an UP2 to replace my malfunctioning UP24. I installed the firmware upgrade as soon as I received the UP2 yesterday, and last night it entered and exited sleep mode by itself with no input from me (no tapping necessary) and accurately measured my sleep! I was very impressed and considering buying the UP3 to get RIM sleep until I read all the complaints above, which were very disappointing. I realize some of them are probably written by shills or trolls, but they seem to be a little too unanimous for comfort.

    Unless I missed it in the comments above, no one has mentioned the fact that the UP2 doesn't allow you to calibrate your steps by walking a route of known distance such as a running track. That was my favorite feature on my UP and UP24. I walked on a school track, calibrated the walk on my bracelet, then walked on another measured 2 mile route to check the UP24's calibration. Amazingly I got near exact correlation. This allowed me to walk totally freestyle and get an accurate measurement of my distance.

    So far I've been unable to find any way to calibrate distance on the UP2. As far as I've been able to determine, Jawbone just ignores this shortcoming of the upgraded/downgraded UP2 and everyone else seems oblivious to it. I could determine my step length and multiply it by number of steps, but this is rather low tech for a $100 device. A cheap 20 year old pedometer will do this for you.


    • Cabaq says:

      You can't calibrate the UP2. I just got off the phone with the support. My data is horribly innacurate, showing that i've been running 7km when I've only ran 4km.

  • HFGEnthousiast says:

    The main difference between this device, and the more recent UP3 and UP4, is that the UP2 band does not have a heart rate sensor and offers more basic sleep tracking. Overall, the UP2 offers a complete range of basic features, which stops short of heart rate sensing. It means the picture of your health will be less accurate, but for those looking to ensure they're getting enough sleep and exercise, it is more than adequate. Here is a good comparison of all Jawbone trackers: http://bit.ly/1GjKou9

  • jcdriptx says:

    The UP2 is a great disappointment. Step tracking is extremely inaccurate. 

  • VSM says:

    I've had my UP2 for a couple months and I'm extremely disappointed. Unlike the Body Media Exerspy that I previously had, which was able to detect the intensity of my activity level throughout the day and calculate calories burned based on that, I have to tell the UP2 what I've been doing. The only thing it seems to automatically detect is how many steps I've taken in a day. And that seems to be the sole criteria for determining the adequacy of my activity level in order to maintain fitness.   My intense bike commutes to work don't seem to count because there are not "steps" involved in this activity!  The calorie burn from my other high intensity workouts at the gym that don't generate step data aren't accounted for either unless I remember to manually enter the exercise and provide an intensity rating. However, there doesn't seem to be a way to determine if my sense of exercise intensity matches UP2's intensity rating categories (i.e.: "in the zone", "difficult", and "gut-buster"). Until a recent software upgrade, it also did not automatically detect my sleep and I had to remember to turn on sleep mode at bedtime.  Any daytime/evening naps weren't counted.  My latest complaint is that it has stopped functioning altogether. Completely dead and will not even recharge.  None of the steps to resolve this have worked, so I emailed Jawbone support only to receive an automated response that due to an extremely high volume of callers requesting support (that tells you something!), they can't respond for 2-3 days. This band is total crap.  I'm hoping to get my money back.

  • Mombly says:

    I ordered this product from Good Morning America Steals and deals and the company charged &9.99 shipping. The product is not compatible with ipad 2 and when I called to ask about it they did not say that was the issue. I asked for a refund and they said I would not get the shipping cost back, their website says free shipping over $30, but it did not say only if you order it on their website. Their customer service is not good at all. They have no manners, and would not help me. They were rude and inconsiderate. DO NTO BUY THIS PRODCT, DO NOT SUPPORT BAD BEHAVIOR.

  • TheZ says:

    I received the UP2 like others for my UP24 that died.  I have the same complaint most others have in that it tracks distance about 25 - 30 percent too low.  The UP24 was extremely accurate the UP2 has been problematic since I received it.

  • 6615kurt says:

    First time user of any tracking device.  Chose UP2 (clasp design) based on "comfort" reviews based on wearing it upside down.  Unfortunately, the clasp does not adjust that well or stay at one size. It fell off and was lost within a week.  Loved the inspirational coaching, move reminders and goal setting.  Is the clasp better on UP3 and is heart rate function accurate?

  • Bevnic says:

    A little worried having read all these reviews...seems there are no good things to say about the Jawbone UP2!   I didn't receive any instructions with it and managed to work out how to connect it to my laptop, which I assume is how to charge it?   I have no idea how to get the App for it.  I have an android phone (Samsung S5) but the very little information I received in the box doesn't tell me anything about it.  I'm thinking I might take I back and ask for a refund!

  • Nottoohappy says:

    I have the UP2 with the updated firmware in conjunction with the new app. Great app, too bad it still doesn't work. I walked for two hours and counted every step, this thing was off by a couple of thousand steps, where I should have been at 5300+, I was at less than 3000. Now, just like the old app, it won't sync. Meet the new app, same as the old app, just prettier. Now I can get it to sync from time to time, but when I know for a fact that I walked for an hour and the app shows 295 steps, that's quite an undercount, either that or I'm Paul Bunyan. Even on the rare occasion that it does sync, it does not measure any sleep cycles. But IT DOES give me sleep results, if I sleep 2 hours, it says I slept 8 hours. If, like yesterday when I had to stay up all night the night previous, and slept for 13 hours straight, it says I slept 8 hours. In fact, when I didn't even wear it while sleeping it said I slept 8 hours. What is really incredible is that when I sleep those 8 hours claimed by my UP2, it is always EXACTLY 8 hours. 8 hours, 0 minutes. I was initially pretty satisfied with the whole thing, the 2 days that it worked. Now, I am not satisfied. And when I am not satisfied with a product there is one thing you can count on. I will not buy another product from whichever company caused me to be unsatisfied. And when I go to buy a competing model of anything, I look to insure I am not buying something from a different company with the same parent company. I keep reading about all these things this app can do, yea, but unfortunately it can't do it in conjunction with the freakin hardware. And for anyone that thinks I am making this up, look around, I am one of thousands and thousands. 

  • Ironman says:

    Bought a UP24 but it totally went dead 6 months later.  As it was within a year's warranty, the agent replaced it with a UP2 (was advised that UP24 is obsolete) but warranty at only the remaining 6  months. Now at 6 months after the warranty lapse, this UP2 battery is draining off so quickly like having to charge it every day. Rather disappointed with Jawbone models as it can last only 6 months. Will NEVER BUY any of JAWBONE products forever.

  • Bowray says:

    The step tracking is nice enough to cheat for me while I am driving my school is, any day I drive my bus I easily go over 10,000 steps, the days I don't I am at about 6500.... the previous up24 that they had to replace was much more accurate 

  • Margie says:

    I wore the UP 24 a year and a half. Hit 4,000,0000 steps, but the button quit working

  • Lucyjane says:

    I have had the Jawbone Up2 for a couple of months. 

    I do love it when it works correctly. It is pretty accurate if you aren't pushing anything!!

    I'm a nanny, so I push a pushchair a lot of the time and I find the up2 isn't registering my steps whilst I push it as my arm isn't moving. 

    In my opinion that is really stupid. Not everyone's arms move when they walk. Some people just keep their hands in their pockets. 

    That is the only thing that really does bug me, as now I've just done a mile walk nearly to school and back and no steps have been registered. Rather annoying!

    Also another pet peev of mind is that it doesn't seem to automatically register my sleep. I do have to remember to put it to sleep every night, not like the up 3 that does it itself. 

    As an app and product I think Jawbone have a lot of improvement to make. It doesn't register actual fitness like riding your bike etc.

    I am considering changing to a Fitbit if I'm honest!

  • Susa says:

    The sleep tracking on my UP2 is absolutely useless. I can even get up and walk about and it will tell me I didn't wake up at all. It underestimates the time I am awake every time.

    This morning I did an hour's yoga class, I still have only had 2 minutes active time registered. That really can't be right!

  • up2-owner says:

    my UP2 band's charge doesnt last me 1 day... why?

  • Stevedon says:

    just got an UP2 as my UP24 was on its last legs - button fallen off. Got through about 7 UP/UP24 with last one being the best at about 9 months old.

    Spent hours trying to get the UP2 to pair and then to sync - the only way to do it was to keep soft restarting. However it then doesn't sync again without repeating soft reset.

    Whilst it did sync it recorded 1 step for at least 75 steps

    My wife's UP2 seems to work alright albeit she lost it yesterday when it I clipped itself 

  • Dmill says:

    I have been tbrought quite a few different bands in about 3 years. I enjoyed the first generation of the Up band but it died which I understood knowing technology. I switched for the new up and the latch was too unreliable and fell off without noticing. Luckily never lost. So I went to the Samsung gear which turned out to be too bulky. So then up fixed the latch and I went back to them. I have been through 2 defective up bands and my latest one seems to have something wrong. I go for walks about 3 miles a day and it tells me I've only done 821 steps. However my S Health on My phone is at about 7400 steps which makes a lot more sense. Also I've worn the up band for 2 nights in a row and it hasn't picked up my sleep for some reason. I'm pretty much over the Up and not sure if I'll try the Fitbit or just do things without knowing. Workout, eat healthy without technology. The old fashioned way.

  • Scott-O says:

    I had the up24.. it died for charging issues.

    UP replaced it but not with a comparable one.I asked for the one that is a loop and secures very well   i was told NO!! (even tho they were the same price) The one they sent out has issues where it falls off all the time!1 5+ times today alone. ( They added a "Activity clip) Like useing this during activities was an after thought for them... i called and explained the issue to customer service and was told That is to bad but this is a free replacement and I can secure it with a rubber band!! SERIOUSLY   A RUBBER BAND.

    BUY ANY OTHER BRAND you will just lose this junk and be out the $100

    They know it falls off so they came up with a clip to help...It doesnt.

    0 stars for this users review

  • Scott-O says:

    Bought the up24 and had nothing but issues...

    Customer service sent out a replacement THE UP2 although they refused to send the one i wanted ( THE LOOP BAND NOT THE CLASP BAND) even though it was the same price.

    The one they so kindly sent does nothing but fall off..5X today alone  I know I am going to lose this one in no time.

    i called customer service and was told to secure it with a rubber band or something!! SERIOUSLY A RUBBER BAND!!

    They know this is an issue since they created the "Activity clip" Like wearing this during activities is un heard of... This "Fix" does not work... it helps but it still falls off alot!

    BUY ANY OTHER COMPANY'S PRODUCT They do not deserve the business,,,

    Scott O East Bridgewater Ma

  • Stm says:

    I had the up 2 and  unfortunately was stalling from me when I was in London.

    And I have have contacted the company when I  realised that was missing from my wrist, the company want not only helpful but easy to get hold off and contact but they have provided my a new band. With I was ready to pay for a new one, I was more then just happy with the product but the customer was excellent.

  • timo says:

    i have had 2 UP2 lost first one and now have another, both are not very accurate step counters, Played golf with other plays who have fit bits, they walked 7.2 mile 17000 steps

    mine UP2 had me at all most 10000 steps and said it walked 4.2 miles. and this has happened with both bands, it not accurate at all would not by again  

  • Russ says:

    I have had 2 replacement UP2 trackers, the software is great and the customer support excellent, however the wrist band is of poor quality, my first 2 were replaced because of the strap breaking due to a bad design fault, seems to be designed for tiny wrists, larger wrists puts the device under stress. The other design fault is the way it clips together, the band keeps falling off, no matter what you do. I have picked it up off the floor many times, the last time I was unable to find it. I will not be getting another as they are too expensive to risk loosing it again, will chose a tracker with a better strap design.

  • ashleyw_ says:

    Last summer I purchased the Jawbone Up24. I was very impressed from it tracking my sleep, Until one day (approximately 5 months after purchase) it all of a sudden stopped working. A few days later I called customer service to see what was going on with it. After 2 hours on the phone, they decided to send me an upgrade, Jawbone Up2. They also gave me 2 day shipping. The Jawbone, shipping and handling, and tracking was no charge to me.  A few weeks ago my band's wrist strap broke/ tore apart. I believe it broke because my wrist is so small that the band's strap could not hold the pressure of being so tight. About 20 minutes ago I called customer service to see what my options where at this point (not sure if hey would send me another jawbone, since I had already had a replacement), and again I got outstanding customer service (but even better than the first time). It was a quick conversation and we got it solved right away. I will soon be receiving another Jawbone Up2, this time the man helping me, let me choose the color and style of the Jawbone Up2. It was all around amazing customer service, and I would definitely recommend this to a friend.

    • mrkimple says:

      I had a similar, but terrible experience with my Jawbone. I started with the UP24 and loved it. After 6 months, it stopped working and I needed to have it "upgraded" to an UP2. After another 6 months, the UP2 band tore. Customer service was unable to do anything because it was outside of the one year warranty from the purchase of the original UP24. Really??!!! I can't seem to get one to work for a year and now I am out of luck. Jawbone support offered me a 25% "loyalty coupon". I only need it if I can use it on a Fitbit. I won't be buying another Jawbone.

  • Dani162 says:

    Agree that jawbone up is a terrible product. Had 2 previously which broke. The last one lasted 9 months and has literally fallen apart. Not recommended 

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