Jawbone UP3 review

Jawbone UP3 review

Was the wait really worth it for Jawbone’s much-delayed UP3 fitness tracker?
Jawbone UP3

Update: Jawbone recently went live with new firmware for the UP3 and, as such, we've revisited our review…

The Jawbone UP3 is arguably the highest profile fitness tracker we've ever reviewed. That's partly due to the bold claims by its makers about just how advanced the tech in the sensor-laden wearable is, but it's mostly because Jawbone made such a public mess of its global launch.

Jawbone had big ambitions to create a waterproof fitness tracker and was so focused on the UP3 being pool-proof that it was even internally codenamed Thorpe, after the Olympic swimmer.

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The waterproofing problems the San Francisco company subsequently encountered led to months of delays for people who pre-ordered the UP3, and Jawbone eventually had to bring a splash-proof, rather than a waterproof, product to market.

At $179.99, it's not the cheapest fitness tracker on the market either – $50 more than the Fitbit Charge HR and $80 more than Jawbone's own more than capable UP2.

Water-woes aside, was it worth the wait? We've had the UP3 strapped on for a couple of months now (with the new firmware fully loaded), so read our full Jawbone UP3 review to find out.

Jawbone UP3: Design and fit

Jawbone has again turned to Swiss designer Yves Béhar for the design of the UP3 – the same chap who came up with the flexible fit of the UP24. Unlike its predecessor though, the UP3 is a one-size fits all affair that looks more 'jewellery' than 'gadget'.

It's definitely a lot more svelte than the UP24, with a moveable clasp meaning a better, and ultimately more comfortable, fit. The slim durable anodized aluminium framework (less than 0.5% nickel, so hopefully no rashes) surrounded by a hypoallergenic TPU rubber strap works well and, despite having to wear the UP3 tight in order to get the most accurate sensor readings (more on that later), it never really caused any irritation.

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The dimensions are 220 x 12.2 x 9.3mm and it weighs 29g, making it Jawbone's thinnest and lightest tracker so far. And it looks pretty slick too. It won't rival the latest smart jewellery trackers in terms of a wow-factor but the basic design – especially on the all-black affair we were reviewing – lends itself well to a range of styles; it looks just as at home paired with a suit as it does with a pair of shorts and a t-shirt.

But while comfort isn't an issue, awkwardness is. The clasp is fiddly as anything and, although you'll get used to getting it done up (there's a certain knack that no words could possibly explain properly), it's never easy. And it's not all that secure either. We've knocked ours off reaching in a bag and it's also fallen off in the night while sleeping.

However, the new UP3 design, revealed in September 2015, adds a buckle to the clasp; making it a more secure fit.

There's also no Fitbit Charge-style OLED display on offer with the UP3. What you've got is a set of lights that indicate the mode the UP3 is in: sleep (orange) or activity (blue). There's also a white LED for notifications from the UP app.

There are also no smartwatch skills on offer at all, sadly – it seems a shame that you can't be alerted to incoming texts, emails and the like from a paired smartphone, not even just by haptics. Hopefully Jawbone will add that feature in the future.

Jawbone UP3: Hardware and heart rate

Jawbone UP3 review

The Jawbone UP3 is built on an advanced multi-sensor platform that packs in a newly designed tri-axis accelerometer and bioimpedance sensors, as well as skin and ambient temperature sensors.

These sensors sit on the inside of the band – they measure the resistance of skin tissue to tiny electric currents like a treadmill heart rate grip – and there are five little metal squares clearly on show, which immediately scream: "I'm gonna dig right into your wrist!"

And they do. After a day of wearing the UP3 you'll see five little square imprints on your skin (as mentioned, you have to wear the device pretty tight for maximum accuracy). However, it's honestly not uncomfortable, despite the pressure tattoos left behind.

Unlike the Fitbit Charge HR, there's no optical heart rate sensor. The Charge HR, like the Microsoft Band and the Apple Watch offers 24/7 heart rate monitoring using a dedicated LED-based sensor.

Jawbone claims that resting heart rate is the key bpm metric. However, while a resting heart rate is indeed an important indicator of general health levels (a spike can indicate an upcoming illness, for example), continuous heart rate monitoring is crucial for training in intensity zones.

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Originally, that wasn't on offer with the UP3 and, despite Jawbone's big claims about the UP3 being the most advanced activity tracker, it felt a bit naff that you only get one reading per day, taken in the morning when you wake up.

However, that's the key update Jawbone has recently provided. The new software adds daily passive heart rate monitoring, allowing for a more complete picture of your bpm metrics. With these additional readings you can see your heart rate trends over week and month long periods, and monitor how things like caffeine, alcohol, stress and sleep affect your daily readings.

The UP3 consistently measured our morning resting heart rate at between 45 and 47bpm. On a couple of mornings we strapped on a Mio Fuse to see what that was saying and it was around 5-10bpm more. However, those extra beats could be accounted to the effort it took to manually start the sensor on the Fuse.

Jawbone UP3: Activity tracking

Jawbone UP3 review

The usual activity band recording metrics are on offer with the Jawbone UP3, thanks to the improved precision motion sensor. We were a bit concerned about Jawbone parting ways with Fullpower and its MotionX tech, but the step tracking has been good during our testing period.

Compared to a Withings Activité, the step count is a bit shy and it's also slightly down on the Fitbit Charge but, as with all activity trackers not packing GPS, the steps and distance are calculated by an algorithm combined with the motion sensors on board and the main thing is that there's consistency. After all, you will be measuring yourself against your own previous days' recordings.

Jawbone claims that after you've completed a specific workout, the Jawbone UP app will be able to recognise and log a wide range of sports; including running, cross-training, tennis, hiking and even dance and Zumba – all step based you'll notice. For non-step based sports you can manually log an activity after, or start the stopwatch mode during it.

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It took a little while for the UP3 to recognise our runs as such, rather than just long, fast walks; but it has started to guess that we've been jogging as of late. If an activity isn't picked up you can, as stated, simply go in and tag a period of steps as a set exercise session.

The UP3 also calculates your calorie burn, based on your step count, using a basal metabolic rate (BMR) method derived from your age, weight, height and activity.

Finally, the UP3 aims to keep you active by nudging you – using a vibration – when you've been idle for too long. You can set how long you want periods of inactivity to go unnoticed for in the app, as well as periods of time you want these alerts to be active for – no one wants their fitness tracker telling them to get up off their fat arse after 10pm at night, for example.

Jawbone UP3: Sleep tracking

Jawbone UP3 review

Sleep tracking was one of the areas that Jawbone made the biggest song and dance about, with regards to the UP3's advanced credentials. It claimed that, by monitoring a user's bpm, respiration rate, body temperature and galvanic skin response, it would be able to tell the difference between REM, light and deep sleep.

Originally, we found that the the periods of time allocated to each type of sleep were inaccurate. For example, on the 28 May (pictured above) this reviewer had consumed one or two strong ales before bed time. As such, a night time pee was required (around 4am) and a weird, freaky dream (starring Pennywise from the movie IT) woke us up for around 20 minutes at about 6am. As you can see, there were no periods of awake time recorded at all, despite us moving around a fair bit when we weren't sleeping.

Manual sleep tracking has been addressed with the new UP3 firmware, with automatic sleep tracking added to the mix (and the awkward capacitive touch controls no longer part of the set-up), and we've found our updated band to be much more on the money when it comes to slumber recording.

A nice touch is that for nights you don't have the UP3 on your wrist while asleep, the app will guess – based on periods of inactivity – when you were sleeping and create a graph of periods based on your previous history. So you don't have to lose sleep over, er, losing sleep.

Your heart rate is monitored during periods of sleep and this can lead to some interesting results, especially if you've drunk too much.

As with the UP24, smart alarms are on offer, letting you wake up during periods of light sleep.

Jawbone UP3: The new UP app

Jawbone UP3 review

The revamped Jawbone UP app, the same one you'll use with the UP Move and the UP2, is one of the most comprehensive out there.

The app records every part of your daily activity, displaying in a timeline and a series of graphs and trends, and a major part of the experience is the new Smart Coach.

As we stated in our UP Move review, we hoped Smart Coach would provide a level of suggestion and training based on our fitness but we found it was more of a series of interesting factoids about sleep, and information on our performance versus our historical data or the average user. This does go some way to providing an extra kick if you're falling behind, but a coach it is not.

These Smart Coach tips can be set as notifications for your smartphone and you can receive buzzes on your UP3 when a new bit of advice is on offer.

Jawbone UP3
Wareable may get a commission

The Jawbone UP ecosystem is by far the most expansive out there and there's a plethora of third party apps you can connect to your experience including ones from rivals such as Withings. We just hope it's not resting on its laurels just yet.

As well as the firmware tweaks listed above, the Smart Coach has also been improved in the revamped app, with 50% more lifestyle tips now on offer.

Jawbone UP3: Battery life and charging

Jawbone UP3 review

The battery life from the 38mAh power pack is stated as up to seven days, and the charge time from the magnetic cable is around an hour and a half. We found these claims pretty much on the money.

A week is a great battery life as it means you can get into a routine of just charging your UP3 on a Sunday evening, for example.

Charging isn't straightforward though, as the short charging cable is badly designed. Not only is it difficult to get the magnetic clasp in exactly the correct place, it's almost impossible to charge the UP3 from your laptop's USB port as the connector is essentially on the wrong side.

Jawbone UP3
By Jawbone
We gave the Fitbit Charge HR 3.5 stars when we reviewed it. The Jawbone UP3, originally, fell just short of that. The short story was that Fitbit’s top fitness tracker offers 24/7 heart rate monitoring, incoming call alerts and an OLED display, for a smaller price tag. The bigger picture was that Jawbone made such a loud noise about the UP3’s capabilities, and its intentions of being a genuine game changing device, that it was hard to not be disappointed when it came to using it. However, the addition of passive bpm readings, as well as reacting to user feedback on the clumsy capacitive touch controls, makes the UP3 now a much stronger offering – although it still doesn't allow for real-time bpm training. It's still no game changer but we're genuinely impressed with the quick turnaround of tweaks for the UP3 – it's encouraging to see a brand react in such a swift and positive manner.

  • Battery life is great
  • Step tracking is pretty accurate
  • Fantastic app
  • Fashion friendly design
  • Not waterproof as promised
  • No display
  • Expensive compared to rivals
  • No continuous heart rate monitoring


  • Frank says:

    Up3 could only calculate the calorie by step? come on, it's 2015! You already have the 'most advanced fitness tracker'. How should I rate my spinning by step? what a joke! 

    • Usagi says:

      Is this accurate?  Doesn't the UP3 integrate the Bodymedia technology for a more accurate calorie burn measurement?

  • Meredith1 says:

    I think the review is very accurate.  Jawbone is sadly disappointing.  I actually feel that the advertising is misleading.  I wonder when and if the heart rate on demand will come, however even that seems dated these days.

  • aeromasters says:

    Request Following Enhancements to (Purple) Up App:

    - More Data Sync/Transfer to Apple Health (Currently Only Steps and Sleep Transfer)

    - Menus of all restaurants are available online and can be used to update nutritional information (Currently not all restaurants are loaded with your third party)

    - Nutritional information should be able to be uploaded with a picture. All nutritional blocks on food packaging is in standard format. Algorithm can be written to identify and auto fill information.

    - Partner with Walmart, Target, Kroger,etc (Use their database to enhance barcode reader)

    - All day heart monitoring( Battery Life is a concern. Give the user an option to turn it on and off : Sleep Mode or All Day Mode)

  • Morris says:

    I agree with the above. Worth noting is that the UP3 does not appreciate biking in IRL and gladly keeps changing between sleep and activity mode due to the vibrations. Then when you actually want to change modes, you keep tapping frenetically to wake it up.

  • TallHansInLA says:

    So I've been a UP user since the first week it came out and wore the original one and up24 through everything...I actually went through 9 of them to this point since they would only last about 3-4 months at most.

    Jawbone sent me the UP2 as a replacement for a broken UP24 and Ive been using that along with the Fitbit Charge HR concurrently for a month now. I've quit using the UP2 if that says anything after I noticed it kept losing sleep and after the firmware update it had amazing deep sleep numbers that I never had in the years previous while using old UP's....especially after a night of drinking the new UP2 would give me 6 hours deep sleep in an 8 hour night...WTF?

    My issues with UP2/3:

    1. Automatic sensing of workouts would stop in the middle of runs, gym lifting and hikes...then when I went to log the workout everything was gone and recovering it was tedious.

    2. No more activating a workout on the wristband...only through the app which nullifies using the UP for any outdoor activities when I don't want to get my phone out or all day hardcore hiking trips where the phone is shut off anyhow. Whatever happened to going to the gym without an Iphone for a more peaceful workout?

    3. LED symbols the 3 whatevers they represent are kind of meaningless...they blink and vibrate and its all sort of boring especially for 2015.

    4. The APP seems a tad limited on the workout types what about some explanation of moderate/in the zone/hard as correlated to a HR and why not add some other activities like ROWING and ERGING...every gym has them.

    5. That horrible CLASP...did anyone actually try it out over there at Jawbone HQ? It falls off randomly all over the place...usually not in workouts but in day to day activities. Nothing like the UP2 clasp coming apart in the middle of a meeting while lecturing my employees :)

    My loves of the UP app:

    1. Food logging is easier and more graphic and better communicated on quality of food, fiber, sodium and all that in UP vs Fitbit. Much easier to see the goals when related to food

    2. The movement and overall lifestyle tips and tracking is a bit more fun and useful in UP over the Fitbit. Always nice to see the daily 15000 steps put me in the top 2% of UPpers.

    But alas I'm over the UP and I'm all about trying out FitBit Charge HR...it does more...tracks workouts better and its easier to wear. I'm sure I'll get used to the app over time and probably get as much utility out of it as I did with UP in the past but still I'm quite heartbroken that the UP didn't deliver and its basically dead to me now. Plus theres NO way I could recommend the UP to my friends or family...they would be like 2015 technology WTF this is archaic. So I've since gotten everyone FitBit Charge HR's....just strap it on and even the most basic non fitness person will figure it out...no app required.

    Please Jawbone...make a UP 5 or UP Ultra that really delivers I miss you guys.

  • Maui2015 says:

    I tried one.  The clasp would not stay done up.  After two months it came off while riding on a boat.   It now lies at the bottom of a lake.  The wind literally blew it off.  What a piece of junk.

  • LizzieLoo says:

    I've come on this forum because I have owned an UP3 for about two weeks and despite saying it's fully charged and has 'about 5 days' charge, it lasts for between 20 and 27 hours at a time before dying, which is very frustrating and disappointing. I have checked the website and consequently don't have any reminders or alerts set in case that was the problem but its still happening. At night I wear the UP in order to record data but have my phone out the bedroom (and Bluetooth off) as I don't want it in there. Do you think the UP is searching desperately for the UP and wasting all its energy? Would that lead performance to be SO poor (compared to what's advertised)Do you have to have your phone RIGHT next to your UP all the time in order for it to last longer than 27 hours? I am a girl, I don't always wear clothes with pockets to keep my phone in, and don't want to carry my phone all the time! Or does it sound faulty to you? Any thoughts appreciated.

  • LizzybethSu says:

    I've been reading through all the comments. I 'be Jawbone since the 1st UP band. If I had an issue, I called the support staff. They were very polite & patient. Once they replaced a band. After 15 mos. of 24/7 use, I upgraded to the UP 24.

    The UP 24 was great! Plus, in time, there was an update increasing battery life to two weeks. It stayed charged that long. I had two minor issues: 1) I lost the cap. If you contact support services, your first lost cap is replaced free. 2) The other issue was getting it to charge. The support staff taught me the "tricks of the trade" to get it up and running, again. I also wore this one 24/7.

    This past May (2015), I moved up to the upgraded UP 2 (improved replacement for UP 24). I love it! As a new product it has a bugs to work out. It also takes patience to learn how to tap your band to engage. Tapping near the edge rather in the middle works best for me. It works the first time 95% of the time.

    The issue I had the first month was that it wasn't downloading my activity. I contacted the support staff. After about 30+ min. on the phone, I received an emailed to a site to upgraded my firmware. In no time, it was running well. The other problem was not charge my band & drained my battery. I couldn't get it to take a charge.

    Again the support staff, (who are rapidly becoming my phone friends) were there to help, I listed all I had learned from previous calls. Amazingly, there was one more trick: With band in one hand & charge cable in the other hand, I took a small paper clip and on the side of the cable is a small button. I pushed the button with the small paper clip for three seconds then immediately attached the band & plugged it in an active USB port. Immediately it began to charge. (It isn't mandatory to use a computer to charge your band. Any active USB port works.)

    I cannot give enough praise to the Jawbone support staff. They send several follow-up emails to be sure all is working . The repair order is not close until all is working.

    I know, in this hi-tech age, many out there expect everything to be perfect; plug & play. They don't want to have to take time to "deal with the little stuff." How do you expect the companies who offer new products to improve our lives, to work out the glitches if you don't communicate with them??

    Patience, courtesy & questions goes a long way to help Jawbone, or any company to improve their products. How do you expect this to happen if you don't practice the art of communication?

    Whining & bashing a products without being proactive sounds more like a child having a tantrum, rather than a rational adult willing to be responsible for their actions.

    I have discovered, calmly asking a member of the support staff if something can be fixed, goes a long way. They're real people whose jobs are to help us. My issues were always solved, often in less than 15 minutes.

    Next time, instead of bashing a product, I challenge you to first try the support staff. If you don't know know how, go to your UP app. There is a trouble-shooting section.

    This is found in the Troubleshooting Section. Once trying various suggestions, it says, Still having problems?


    1-800-JAWBONE / 1-800-529-2663 / Contact us

  • danu says:

    i agree with the review.  I have a new band as the clip broke off the rubber when i tried to wear it a little tighter.  As for the band falling off, that is true, but is no longer a problem for me and my business partner.  She found an ingenious solution that is not seen and will prevent the clasp from unhooking and falling off no matter if you are riding a bike or on the lake.   

    We will sell it to Jawbone and save them the cost of redesign, the fix would cost them less than nickel or a few pennies to do it themselves or  they can give it to their customers for free.  Come on Jawbone give us a contact and help you customers!

    • richpatrol says:

      a small rubber o ring works very well to keep it on your wrist. 

  • April says:

    My husband and I are not particularly impulse buyers and buying 2 UP3 will remind us why.After a month, we give up. The first 2 weeks mine never responded to taps, everything required the phone. Some mornings my normal trek thru my normal sized house for coffee is 360 steps, some days 97 steps. I tried diligently putting in food for a few days but it kept asking me for the calories - if I knew them, would I be doing this? One night mine registered 5 minutes of sleep and I can't get that out so all averages are screwed up, on and on. I don't want to spend 30 minutes on the phone with support - why doesn't it just work?

  • petershi1234567 says:

    I purchased an Up last year, it was great initially, however it lasted 2 months before it stopped working. I believe it was due to me wearing it while playing squash and the sweat somehow messing it up....I contacted the company who refreshingly were all too happy to send me a replacement....when I advised I was in Australia (where I bought it), they said 'they didn't service that location' - subsequent follow ups were fruitless.

    So I purchased a fitbit - I can play squash without a problem with the unit......

    Don't waste your money on a company that doesn't support its product!

  • AdamMaz says:

    I will never buy a Jawbone again. I've bought the first generation and the second. Both were subject to a recall program and didn't last longer than 6 months. Horrible stuff...do not waste your money.

  • HFGEnthousiast says:

    The UP3 is a solid health and fitness tracker - particularly now that it has received the latest firmware update. It is not perfect by any means though. The linked article gives a good overview of its positives and negatives: http://www.healthfitnessgadgetreviews.com/#!Jawbone-UP3-review-firmware-update-adds-new-functions/clfr/55f4a45b0cf2de902a84dcfd

  • DavidCC says:

    Have stuck with Jawbone through the original UP bands because they worked although I've had about six but the local retailer was great about swapping them. Now upgraded to UP3 and was impressed until the recent firmware upgrade.

    Following the upgrade the UP3 band no longer records my sleep accurately. It registers me awake for long periods of the night when I know I'm asleep and appears not to record deep sleep any more (either that or I've had very little deep sleep over the last week...)

    The other recent changes are also frustrating - having to use your phone to start the stopwatch is not always convenient and as for cycling not counting towards steps - well. Once you start getting into the band it becomes about recording activity not measuring steps.

    Come on Jawbone - sort it out or I'm off.

    • annUP3112015 says:

      The UP3's armband is ridiculous.   I have thin wrists and wear it as tightly as I can (the clasp is right up to the electrodes). that's fine, and its comfortable BUT it does not stay in place when I move my arms a lot, or when I take my long-sleeved T's, or jumper off. It has come off so often that I now wear it with a rubber band wound around the strap, and through which I thread the strap before slipping the clasp closed. Its annoying and I am afraid that it will one day come off and be lost forever.  Is there anybody else out there who has had similar problems or answers to mine?

  • socialexandru says:

    Well I'm ok with the UP3. I had received it as a gift  after the latest update and all is ok.  I use a Smartwatch too so the need of a screen is not need it. I hate to sleep with a watch so the UP3 is totally comfortable also it have the best sleep tracking solution.  I use the Record app  from Underarmor and it have a great android wear face with all the details from Jawbone app including sleep and daily tracking. Totally recommended. I had before the first generation of Jawbone and also the Up Move. Sorry for all that had bad experience but I'm ok with the UP3. 

    • L_E_O says:

      This is my exact use case. I'll have to give the Under Armour app another go.

  • UP3Owner says:


    The key to putting the band on in an easy way is what they do at 0:25. Holding the loop in place with the finger I can now put it on consistently at a few seconds, as fast as a watch band. In the beginning you can rest it against a flat surface as in the video if needed, but after a few tries you will find the technique and can do it as quickly without resting the band on anything. Once you learn the technique it is easy (I have the old clasp design). If you don't hold down the loop with a finger, its much more tricky.

  • UP3Owner says:

    I found that the key to put on at least the old band design is to do as they show in this Jawbone video at about 0:25. I like to hold down the clasp using the index finger to hold it back. If you put it on like that it becomes much easier. Once you have done it a few time there is no need at all for the table method that they use in the video. Just do the same without the table. I can do it consistently in a few seconds now and it is now very easy and can be done as fast as a regular watch band. Key is to hold back the loop to release the tension from the clasp. The clasp want work as well as intended otherwise.


  • L_E_O says:

    I just have to say that, as much as I want to LOVE my UP3, Jawbone has again had huge QA issues. The latest firmware update has absolutely nuked my band. The battery only lasts between 5 - 10 HOURS now. I've reset it, re-paired it, and reinstalled the app about 5 times now with no luck. When I called Jawbone, they already knew what the issue was. I've only had it for about 4 weeks now, but with Best Buy's return policy reduction, it's outside of their window. What was Jawbone's response? "We're aware of the issue, don't bother to try and exchange it because it's likely to happen again. Just sit on it until we get around to fixing it."

    Of course I'm paraphrasing, but that's pretty much what they told me. Feel free to check out the r/jawbone subreddit for further evidence. 

  • Kd4 says:

    I recently bought an up3. I just got it Sunday. The first two days it told me I walked around 5,000 steps. The next two it basically said I walked 1/2 that when I pretty much do the same things everyday and it is that far off. I don't feel that it is accurately calculating my heart rate because after I have done 30 minutes of cardio, I would go check my heart rate and the graph shows it lower than my resting heart rate. I just don't understand how that can be when I feel my heart pumping out of my chest...I also don't think that it accurately records sleep as I know that I wake up in the middle of the night and the deep sleep rem sleep  are so far off. I really like the design of this tracker and I thought I did enough research before my purchase, overall I am pretty satisfied with this product and hoping that maybe moving it around or tightening it on my wrist will help with the recording of data.

  • AndrewK says:

    AS an owner of the up24 band, i was tempted to upgrade to the up3 however was tormented between picking the up3 and fitbit charge HR. Eventually settled for the up3. Here's why: Fitbit offers real time monitoring of active heart rate, this feature is useless to me as most of my workouts are based on resistance training and whatever cardio i do is limited to walking due to my knee injury. And after seeing and comparing both apps and offerings, i settled for the up3. After 5 days of owning it i can say i am satisfied. I have updated directly to the new firmware so i didn't experience the tapping issues users had before. I log all my food on myfitnesspal and mfp takes my activity from the up app and adds in the calories which was available on the up24 but for some reason the calories added from activity are more generous and imo more spot on (after over 10k steps and two workouts i used to get 300 kcals more on up24 now up to 600 on up3). I rely on mfp for food intake and total calorie and macro count as i can set more specific targets. Some would be bothered by having to deal with two apps but i have been using mfp for more than 3 years now even before owning the up24. The up app offers all the aspects i need to see in real-time, sleep, food (and quality of food) and activity. Passive and resting HR monitoring is a nice feature. However with such sensors in the up3 there is so much potential for improvement, namely real-time body composition which is very handy for me. Bio-impedance is the other main reason i bought the up3 and i sure hope they can do more with this sensor. 

    Improvement areas: Syncing is quite slow and consumes bandwidth while also syncing with mfp back and forth. Activity tracking is redundant, i sometimes add an activity and then it detects the same activity after an hour and requires me to define it. The messaging light could be used to notify about messages from third party apps (whatsapp, skype). I worry about the clasp's longevity as it doesn't seem to be able to last a year. 

  • sghong_james says:

    which sensor be used in jawbone 3 for heart bit ?

  • plindsay says:

    Up3 is VERY disappointing.  Had an UP24 and LOVED IT. Got the Up3 for the heart monitor.  Bracelet is not that comfortable and the latch keeps coming apart and almost lost it 3x (maybe that's what the 3 stands for). Plus it gets snagged on my clothes.  I've had it for less than a month and it LOOKS worn already. Not as durable and comfortable as the Up24. I'm thinking of just going back to my UP24.  Also bought several chargers for the UP24 so I had one at home, car and work.  The Up3 charger is not compatible with the other ones. Out of 5 stars, I would have to rate the UP3 2 stars.  They missed the mark on this one!

    • ZenKat says:

      I appreciate comment about UP3 snagging clothing, and not comfortable.  I had a UP24 which slowly died; loved the sleep function but not enough to buy another at discounted rate from places like Groupon.  Didn't like UP24 bendy bracelot as it often caught and pulled off wrist.  Looking for new activity tracker in midrange but not sure Jawbone suits my purpose.  There still seems to be a lot of comments about fit and staying on although Jawbone has come out with different bracelots.  

  • meyeonaise says:

    I did a test an left the up3 on the desk and after that it still displayed heartrate! After a time it recognizes that I go to bed etc...The Up3 does not recognize that I did not wear it... my cheap me band for 14 Euros can do this....

  • meyeonaise says:

    @LizzybethSu The support is good, you a right but if the product isn´t worth the money and the software contains so many mistakes they cannot do anything for you...how should they?

  • avirani0203 says:

    I am having a terrible time with the UP3. I pre-ordered in December but did not receive by band until May. In August, my band was not charging and I noticed that the back was coming off. I called customer service and they were very polite, offering to replace the band. Now the new band is not charging and the back is coming off this one as well. I do not wear the band in the shower or get it wet. I called customer service and they will happily replace the band. However, at this point, I just want a refund. I no longer have any confidence in the company. The manufacturing of this product is horrific. Customer service told me that since I pre-ordered in December, the 90-day refund time period has expired. WTF???? I have asked to speak to management and the customer service representative said he's escalated my ticket. I should receive a call within 48 hours.

  • maslacak says:

    The UP3 definitely has room for improvement. However, it does offer a rich set of features some of which are not available with other fitness trackers. Its Smart Coach feature is a glimpse into the future, where wearables will become much more intelligent and will be able to provide much more meaningful analysis of our vitals data. While the UP3 may not be the perfect choice for those looking for a sports watch, or those looking for detailed 24/7 heart rate monitoring - for those who want a simple, unobtrusive device to track exercise and sleep, and improve overall health and well-being, the Jawbone up3 is definitely an option worth considering. Here is a good review of the device. http://gadgetsandwearables.com/?p=234

  • Kberry40 says:

    is there a way to manually add steps to the Jawbone UP3?  Seems I often end up realising my battery is completely drained right before I go for my morning walk, so all those steps are lost.

  • mcja says:

    I too have very small wrists.  I ordered my UP3 on 10/23/15, received it very quickly.  Have had a hard time keeping it latched.  Friday night after I got home from work, maybe an hour, I noticed it was gone.  I am just sick that it fell off.  $179 gone...........

  • simonmatthew says:

    Fitness Trackers are now on sale only at BestSmartwatchOffers:com

  • heeltoe624 says:

    the sleep function is horrible for a automatic cause it only works once, if you try to take a nap or go to sleep the same day it wont recognize it and then your forced to manually enter it then it gives you these fake algorithm when it could of just recorded ur sleep.

  • milonow says:

    I just bought UP3 and have been using it for a week. Overall the entire system is not ready for primetime. The website has lots of 404 links and errors when searching for help, I'm guessing they are not totally ready there. For instance, the article on battery problems, while marked for the UP3 is all about the UP24 which is very different. The contact forms also lead to dead ends. The battery says it is charged after 90 minutes, and that there are 6 days or so left, but then by the afternoon is almost depleted despite not using any alarms, just from simple wear. It loses sync from time to time, and you have to jump through hoops to get it connected again. I think it is a great idea, but not ready. The culture of the company doesn't seem to be one that favors intuitive UI either. If I knew what I know now, I'd wait to see if they improved before buying one. Just not ready yet.

  • samoore says:

    Not having a great experience so far.  Received my band in the post about an hour ago.  Got it connected to the app quickly and then it told me it needs a firmware update and it would take a few minutes.  About 30 minutes later it's still only at 10% transferring to the band.  

  • ranada7 says:

    I got my up and less than six months later I wake up one morning with the band falling off my wrist. The rubber band is torn  near the device on the side without the sensors. Customer service replaced it and it lasted 3 months before a repeat of a broken band. It's like the rubber is britle and breaks.. I.don't shower in it and I have not been to a gym in a year so I have not been working out sweating in it or doing anything athletic which worries that it will last no time before it breaks when I start actually getting on a fitness program.

  • DrSG says:

    I too thought that the connector for charging my UP3 was on the wrong side of the band and was totally unable to use a plug into the wall. My solution was to charge via my laptop and dangle the band over the edge of the table.

    Eventually I called Jawbone to complain and after several emails back and forth and a long phone conversation explaining that the lead is flexible (which it hardly is) someone called me back who had the answer - you can twist the charger lead though 180 degrees. Intuitive? I think not. And most modern cables respond very badly to twisting, so this didn't even cross my mind as a solution. I made the point to Jawbone customers services that it would be simpler to put the connector on the either side of the strap or put the USB plug in the other way round. Or at least COMMUNICATE clearly on the packaging that the lead can be twisted. But why make a product with such a stupid design fault in the first place? Crazy! You would have thought that with so much in the public domain about this problem everyone working in customer services would have the solution on the tip of their tongue. Frankly I feel that the 'solution' is an excuse for not redesigning the band. They've got it wrong and don't want to own up. How much can it possibly cost to put the USB plug in the other way round?

    Other than this I am so far happy with my UP3, but I've only been using it for 4 days. I want to track steps, weight and sleep and it does all that efficiently.

  • daveeUK says:

    Potential users beware !!!  The UP3 will not currently (Jan 2016) reliably work with a Samsung Galaxy S3. I now have tried 2 of these bands with 2 separate S3 phones. The bands initially pair & work OK for a few hours. They then lose pair and totally refuse to re-pair whatever you do - phone restart, app re-install or UP3 software reset. The support desk admit that there is currently an issue with S3s. Amusingly, the support desk will tell you to use it with a non-S3 phone - like I am going to upgrade my phone just to use their band !

  • Shub says:

    I think Jawbone Up3 is a real disappointment. Ads looks great. But the design of the clasp, is ridiculous. Wished they stated how tight it could go cause it was too loose for me. Who knew that it could actually be too big, would have seriously helped if they use a watch strap design..or at least reply to my emails for this issue. Now I've waste money on a product that I couldn't fit in and had no sizing in the first place. Thanks Jawbone..

  • Radium says:

    Hello! I understand that Up3 tracks the heartrate only when you stand still. What about right after workout when i rest but my heartrate is obviously high. Can it track this? Thanks !

    • m.sawh says:

      Hi there,

                     You can indeed get readings after a workout.


      • eman says:

        What about during the workout?

  • Duhos12 says:

    I've got home from running one hour ago!

    Jawbone up3 - UP still did NOT asked if I was active or not! So I don't know how many steps I have done, How many calories burnt nothing!!!!! This is exactly happened on Sunday as well. I want my money back! This is all fake! Which other. app I should us, there is nothing. Does not recognise most of the food. 

    I slept 6 hour yesterday, Suddenly afternoon it shows 11hour slept. 

  • jea008 says:

    I have had the UP 3 for 9 months now and have been disappointed with it. The battery life only last for 3 days at the most. The one size fit all clasp is always moving to wear its will loose on your wrist and eventually falls off your wrist.  I would not buy this product again.

  • Jumpanna says:

    I have an UP 3 and am reasonably happy with it- but it's my first tracker so I have nothing to compare it to... It does have a certain motivating influence, and  absolute accuracy doesn't seem too important: as has been already mentioned, consistency is the thing, as you are comparing today's performance with other days that's all. But in one way accuracy is important- Calory counting- it's really irritating that the vast majority of foods are quantified in ' servings'! How much for heaven's sake is a serving!?! This should not even exist as an option, it's far too vague. 

  • up3 says:

    my band broke took back to best buy..was to contact you..please I love my up3

  • JDStheHat says:

    In December, Jawbone came out with an Activity Clip which once put on the band, slips over the clasp to prevent it from slipping off (I used a small rubber band prior to this) and this has solved the problem. Amazingly they don't offer it with new sales, but will send it free if you ask for it, no questions asked. 

    I've had mine since my preorder was finally shipped last April, and am very satisfied. I use it to track sleep, Resting Heart Rate and activity/calories consumed, and paired with MyFitnessPal, which it does pretty much effortlessly, gives me a good daily measure of some key metrics. 

    I typically charge it on Mondays and Fridays, I have the charger plugged into a wall socket by my desk, and once you follow the directions, loop side down, it connects fairly easily. I can go longer between charges, but it is a simple routine, and as I'm not active anyways, nothing is lost. 

    About once a month the network will go down, and synching is interrupted, but it always returns in never more than 12 hours, and all activity on the band is then transferred to the app, so nothing is lost. 

    It seems that UP3's are now available on Amazon for as little as $100, which at that price I would not hesitate to recommend to a friend.    

What do you think?

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