Digital parenting: The best baby tech and connected baby monitors

Digital parenting: The best baby tech and connected baby monitors

Wi-Fi baby monitors, app-powered thermostats, smart alarms and more
The best smart tech for babies

The connected tech revolution is spawning hundreds of new devices and the raft of sensors are perfect for making the best smart baby monitors – the like of which we've never seen before.

It's called digital parenting – but why wearables for babies? After all, hundreds of generations of offspring have managed without them. A point well made, but the smart sensors can take the hassle and worry away, tracking your child's vitals and helping you to ensure they're comfortable, which as any parent knows, makes for happy parents, too.

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We've sourced a variety of new and soon-to-be-launched models, and rounded up the leading lights of this new wave of tech for parents.


The Wi-Fi connected Mimo is a practical peace-of-mind solution for any parents worried about dreaded SIDS and other infant-related conditions.

Developed by MIT graduates, the Mimo is comprised of two parts, a stretchy, washable cotton onesie fitted with two breathing sensors, a removable movement sensor and a charging station that streams valuable data like respiration patterns, sleep activity, skin temperature and body position straight to your iOS or Android device.

The system also captures the sound in the baby's room so parents can listen in on their phone or tablet like any standard monitor. You buy one sensor and choose the amount of 'kimonos' that you want.

From $199.99, | Amazon

Withings Home

The Withings Home was crowded out of the smart security camera space by the big names such as Nest and Netatmo so, instead, has rebranded as a connected child monitor with extras.

It's a bold move, but one that works well thanks to the 2-way communication (with push-to-talk) functionality and the nightlight / lullaby music modes.

It records and streams in HD and the infrared vision wide lens makes it a great option for bed time. For extra security, the Home camera also monitors air quality.

$199.95, | Amazon

Kinsa Smart Thermometer

This FDA approved thermometer goes straight into your smartphone's headphone jack to provide a precise temperature reading in less than 10 seconds.

It works three ways - orally, under the arm and we'll let you guess the other one. Once a temperature is read, it's displayed on the companion app and can even be saved to a family member's profile - along with symptoms and ailments.

$24.99, | Amazon


This fully-featured baby monitor promises to ease the apprehension of bringing up baby by not only streaming critical data like heart rate, skin temperature, body position and motion to any iOS or Android device, but also pre-preparing parents with handy info like what time the little tyke's going to wake up and whether he or she is likely to be cooing like a cute thing or grumbling like a bear with a sore head.

The sensor even measures sound levels in the nursery lest you and your spouse dare reconsider holding a dinner party. The Sproutling straps to the baby's ankle and is recharged using the supplied induction dock. It's currently sold out but you can sign up to a waiting list.


Pacif-i smart dummy

Temperature is a key pointer to the health of a baby; it's the first thing a parent checks when their child's feeling or looking poorly. Well, wouldn't it be handy if someone developed a dummy with a built in thermometer that not only reads a baby's temperature for periods at a time but then streams those readings on a regular basis to a Bluetooth-equipped Android or iOS phone or tablet?

The Pacif-i does just that. No need to worry about losing it either, as it has a built-in buzzer that sounds when activated by a smartphone. Very clever.


Garmin Babycam

Why settle for a mirror when technology can help? That's the thinking behind this connected cam from Garmin, which syncs up to your existing Garmin satnav to provide a live feed of your reverse-facing little one.

The best thing about the Babycam is Garmin's description of one of its features: "Helpful alert reminds drivers to check for passengers before exiting the vehicle." Never forget your baby again.

$199.99, | Amazon

Angelcare AC1200

Angelcare is a leading producer of baby monitors and this model is the company's first attempt at bringing smartphone connectivity to its popular minding systems. The AC1200 is comprised of an under-mattress sensor pad for monitoring movement and an HD infrared camera with two-way talk-back and built-in nursery light. The whole package connects to a Wi-Fi network and streams both video and audio to any iOS or Android device.

The mattress sensor, meanwhile, offers parents peace of mind by sounding an alarm if the child stops moving for more than 20 seconds. Should Little Lord Fauntleroy feel a bit niggly at bedtime, simply select from the provided tranche of cute lullabies or choose some ambient Chill from your own music library.

$299, | Amazon


  • volkersfreunde says:

    the monbaby is actually 174.95$

  • CABTA says:

    May seem convenient now but having your child develop cancer or other health related issues from wireless radiation certainly is not worth this risk. It is despicable that these items are allowed to be sold in the United States. Please check out or for info on wireless and health. The American Academy of Pediatrics has written to the FCC several times about wireless standards being inadequate for children. The wireless industry is in bed with the FCC - no one is protecting our children and grandchildren. I cannot stress the importance of this- please do not use these devices on your child.

    • mysterymike says:

      pffft put your tin foil hat back on and go back to your basement.

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