Sony PlayStation VR: Essential guide to the hardware, games, release and more

Sony PlayStation VR: Essential guide to the hardware, games, release and more

Everything we know about Sony's VR headset - launching in October 2016
PlayStation VR: Essential guide

The PlayStation VR headset has the tech and gaming communities all a quiver as it, along with rivals like the Oculus Rift and the HTC Vive, points towards a huge shift in the way video games are played and a massive virtual reality revolution.

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First demoed at GDC 2014 as Sony's Project Morpheus, PlayStation VR now has a release date and price.

Read on to find out everything we know...

PlayStation VR: Release date and price

PlayStation VR is set to cost $399, and will hit stores in October 2016 - just in time for Christmas.

Andrew House, CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment, explained that the company chose the late launch date to accommodate demand.

PlayStation VR will immediately work with the 46 million PlayStation 4 consoles in homes worldwide, and Sony has signed on more than 230 development houses to create VR content. These studios, range from small indie operations to big names like EA.

PlayStation VR: Design

The consumer edition matches the 2015 Project Morpheus model in keeping its predecessor's Full HD 1920 x 1080 display, but ups it from 5-inches to 5.7-inches, which gives a 100-degree field of vision. It also features RGB subpixels, which help smooth out the image.

A more important upgrade here is to the refresh rate, which runs at a 120Hz instead of 60Hz - higher than both the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive's 90Hz. Early games won't natively run at 120 FPS - instead the PlayStation 4's reprojection software will add an extra "tween" every frame to make it feel like they are, but the overall experience should be silky-smooth.

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Other additions include an upgrade of the number of head-tracking LEDs on the unit from six to nine, and a halving of latency times, which combine to make lag a thing of the past.

The headset itself is said to be comfortable, with the majority of the unit's weight resting on the top of your head, and it's even usable when you're wearing glasses. A quick-release button makes it easy to get on and off, and it's the only VR headset we've seen so far which doesn't look like a climbing accessory.

PlayStation VR: Hardware

Project Morpheus review

Sony PlayStation VR will, of course, hook up to the Sony PlayStation 4. The PS4 is at the very beginning of its life cycle so it's malleable, and its AMD graphics processor has been built to handle stereoscopic 3D processing.

However, Sony has created a secondary box that connects to the PS4 via USB and HDMI, to handle the specifics of the headset's operation. A nice feature of the box is that it also includes HDMI-out, so you can connect a screen and see what the user's experiencing without any distortion.

Sony has suggested that it could develop a wireless version of the VR headset; Senior game designer Jed Ashforth said the company would "never say never" when questioned about the possibility of a wireless Project Morpheus.

PlayStation VR: Motion tracking

PS VR uses the PlayStation Camera to provide tracking and is able to locate the back of the head as well as the front so users can look directly behind them. The camera tracks the VR headset around 1,000 times per second providing a seamless experience.

In the demos that we've seen so far, PS VR games have been controlled using the standard DualShock 4 controller, which is spatially aware - along with the PlayStation Move paddles.

PlayStation VR: Games

PlayStation VR demos at the Tokyo Game Show included Final Fantasy XIV from Square Enix, Hatsune Miku, Summer Lesson and Danganronpa VR.

Sony had PlayStation VR on show at Paris Games Week and there were some meaty game announcements including Gran Turismo Sport, Tekken 7 and Robinson: The Journey.

Check out the boxout on the left for our pick of the confirmed titles - there's plenty to get excited about.

Speaking as part of a panel at PlayStation Experience in December, Shuhei Yoshida, Worldwide Studios president stated the big ambitions for core games on the platform.

“We've been showing experiences that are intentionally passive and easy on people to make sure that everyone who tries has a great time," he said.

“We've been doing lots of experiments, and discovering lots of great stuff. Some of the experiences are quite fast, and we are surprised at how we don't get sick. that I can't talk about that gamers will enjoy."

You can watch the full panel discussion:

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  • Czader says:

    i wont GTA V in FPS Cameras!!! Why it's not work with?

    • welleven says:

      want ,just want ,all will be decided when have 

  • shit says:

    Sony prevails once again over Microshit. Xbox should die.

    • yukimasahiko says:

      That shows u never played Xbox at all unlike u I played all of the consoles out so far. Ps4 is a really good console 

      and yet so is Xbox One. Xbox will never die...And as for saying Sony prevails. Then u know nothing about gaming cause actually they are basically copying Oculas Rift. Weather they got permission or not from them they came up with this concept. Sony doesn't get props for being original. But I will still most likely be buying this for my ps4.

      • MuPp3t33r says:

        Occulus Rift did not invent vr headsets, they are a relatively new player in the game. Vr headgear has been around since the 60s, do some research before you flame people.

        • gallant says:

          You are right in facts, but his point are more valid....

      • artee84 says:

        Wow...stole from oculus rift?!? Virtual reality headsets were about in the 90's mate...tool!

    • noo says:

      Microsoft has been doing way better than Sony with every thing and they have the same graphics none better none worse they are the same

  • Sobcheck says:

    You fucking idiot.. Sony isn't copying Oculus with Project Morpheus. VR is a MARKET now, one which many companies are trying to jump on. That's like saying Burger King copied McDonalds because they both sell burgers.. Apparently you know jack shit about gaming or marketing for that matter.

    • DarkWr8h says:

      Burger King copied McDonalds on their Big Mac ( Big King )........ just sayin......

      • Hazydave says:


  • beyondthesoul says:

    I am so excited I just hope you don't have to have the playstation camera to make it work. If you do I hope Sony come out with a bundlewith the playstation camera the morphes. if they don't I will buy a playstation camera and morphes separate.will it be able to run on pc along with ps4?

    • Hazydave says:

      Yes and yes. You need the camera for the head tracking and there was an announcement for a bundle with camera and move controller.

      • loyaloptic says:

        So you can use ut on pc? That would be nice cuz i dont want to have to buy PS VR and Occulus Rift

  • lw2928 says:

    ""And, at GDC 2015 we finally got the launch date news we were's hitting the shops in 2016""
    That's not really launch date news... You've given a 365 day window. We always knew it'd be 2016. NEVER COMING HERE AGAIN...I FEEL LED ON AND GROOMED

    • Wolverine420 says:

      October 2016, I think he said that but in case you are still wondering friend. Projected release date is 10/?/2016

  • Evgenios says:

    The VR is connecting to FIFA 2016?????

  • ron-the-macman says:

    Please let me know when the Sony VR product is for sale.

  • Kerr says:

    I tried the vr headset and it is incredible. London heights was extremely fun. The only thing that I am worried about is the same thing that happened to the move and there is limited games that work on it. It's hard to spend 350+ dollars on something that won't work on AAA titles.

  • labolaas says:

    plz just make this compatible with alien isolation!!!!!!! The leaning is awesome Imagine leaning over and looking around whoo!!!!! Ready for pre order!!!!

  • jed says:

    I would love to get my hands on the vr technology could you please as soon as the date and price is officiall let me know. thanks. 

  • Someguy says:

    Any game can be made to work with Sony vr. After launch I would expect lots of AAA titles to optimize and add vr to their options. Its as simple as using the devkit to change in game cameras and adjusting graphics because it doubles ever trying.

  • Sn1ckl3fr1tz says:

    Hmmm. Buy the 55" 4k 120hz on black friday or save up for playstation vr?!?

  • EpicGamer says:

    No Man's Sky with Stereoscopic 3D enabled + Project Morpheus = the greatest thing ever!

    • EndlessDH says:

      hell yeah i am just waiting for that annoucement

  • megatop44 says:

    Dying Light would be hella dope these I'm definitely going to be in line

  • megatop44 says:

    Dying Light would be hella dope on these I'm definitely going to be in line

  • DeathxAngel27 says:

    The Destiny franchise would probably do better with a very addition I believe

    • EndlessDH says:

      i cannot imagine that, sorry

  • r33m3r says:

    its sad to see this list of games supporting the ps VR....1 where are good horro titles....but what gets on my nerves the most is having warthunder on there as one of the best on the list...yes the game is awesome  and it has been out for alot of years i even play it and got like things like a calliope 50 bucks tank with 60 rocketlaunchers  i know rofl  but the fact playstation needs titles like this to get the damn this sold is beyond disgracefull...vr is virtual reality right not virtual indy games virtual old alrdy out of a year games...and it sure aint virtual kiddy games or things u play on a goddamn smartphone...this needs to get alot better before release...defintately for 399 euro or dollars maybe i should just buy a second console ROFL who came up with that price  like realy a 1080 cellphone screen with a headphone and some motion sensors u got i a 60 euro wireless controler aint worst the price of a full focking console...surely u wont post this

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