Connected cooking: The best smart kitchen devices and appliances

Connected cooking: The best smart kitchen devices and appliances

The top connected tech for your smart home kitchen
The best smart kitchen devices

If your fridge isn't connected to the internet, then you're living in the dark ages my friend. If your cutlery isn't Bluetooth enabled you may as well be eating your dinner with twigs.

Smart kitchen devices are now becoming more prolific in the internet of things revolution, with a whole host of cool connected accessories and appliances up for grabs.

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If you're not sure where to get started with upgrading your kitchen, check out our pick of the top kitchen tech...

LG Smart ThinQ cooker

Part of LG's big smart home push, and compatible with the HomeChat app and ecosystem, this clever cooker not only hooks up with your other connected kit using Wi-Fi, it can also be mended from afar thanks to LG's Smart Diagnosis tool, which allows engineers to read system diagnosis over the internet airwaves.

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The built-in cooking management app allows you to cook with precision, with thousands of pre-set temperature and time frames on board. If you do somehow manage to burn your baking, the smart self cleaning feature should come in handy.

$1,399, | Amazon

Egg Minder

Not quite as hi-tech as LG's tech-tastic cooker but nifty nevertheless, this crowdfunding success story will keep count of your eggs - up to 14 - letting you know (using LED lights and the companion app) which ones are the oldest and which ones might be going bad.

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Whats more, it's IFTTT compatible, so you can set up some interesting IoT combos. For example, "If I run out of eggs, play I am the Walrus on Spotify".

$49, | Amazon

Smarter Coffee

This Firebox exclusive allows you to brew (and grind) your coffee on demand, using your smartphone or tablet to get things started. You tee-up (coffee-up?) as many as 12 cups at once and you even have the option to select the strength of your brew.

'Welcome home' and 'wake up' modes can be set to kick start the machine into action based on set geo-locations and timings and, with IFTTT skills, you can cook up a whole host of set recipes to match your mood. Bad nights sleep recorded by your Fitbit? Strong coffee in the morning, for the win.


Samsung Smart Fridge

Ideally, we'd prefer a smart fridge that orders our food online for us based on our stock levels but, until then, we'll have to make do with this Wi-Fi connected cooler from Samsung that comes packing an 8-inch LCD display.

That display offers up a plethora of connectivity options including smartphone mirroring, smart TV playback, memos, calendars and internet radio. It also keeps your food chilled too. The fridge that is, not the display.



Somehow, despite the world's most cutting edge consumer tech being on display, HAPIfork managed to be the star of the show at CES a couple of years back. If you missed the coverage then, allow us to get you up to speed - it's a smart fork that helps you monitor and track your eating habits. Exactly what your life needed, right?

Using Slow Control technology, the connected cutlery measures how many mouthfuls you take and buzzes and flashes if you're scoffing your grub too quickly. There's also a dashboard for you to analyse your meal-time performance. Of course there is.

$79, | Amazon

Invoxia Triby

The kitchen memo is a major part of many family's communications. In an age where you've got more instant messaging platforms to choose from than messages you'll ever send, the simple memo lives on in the form of the Invoxia Triby.

It allows you not not only leave messages for your loved ones, but also contact them instantly with Wi-Fi calling. Plus, if you forget to leave a note, you can sketch one out when you're not at home using your smartphone as a canvas. The Triby fridge memo device is due to launch later this year. You can sign up for updates now.


Whirlpool 6th Sense Live

We know what you're thinking. That you've read nearly two thirds of this feature and we've still not mentioned a smart washing machine. Well, worry no more - here it is.

Not only can Whirlpool's Wi-Fi washer teach itself to only operate when the there's not an energy rush on - thus saving your money - it can also time your washes to finish up when you're arriving back home thanks to its Nest thermostat intergration.



You think you make great cocktails right? We bet you don't. Unless you're a mixologist or Tom Cruise, of course, then you probably pass. Somabar helps those who needs it to make your home made cocktails taste less like paint-stripper.

Using a cocktail list in a companion app and some dishwasher proof ingredient pods, the Somabar will be knocking you up Old Fashioneds and Mojitos at the touch of a button. You can even select the strength of the machine's mixes.



Drop scales will have you baking like Mary Berry in no time. You simply select your chosen dish from a companion app's recipe book and these connected scales will help you put together the exact ingredients to make your bake a great success.

The recipes are all one-bowl affairs, so less washing up after, and the app will even offer up alternatives ('smart substitutions') if you haven't got quite enough of one ingredient.

$99.95, | Amazon

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