Semi-precious: The best smart jewellery

Semi-precious: The best smart jewellery

Rings, bracelets, necklaces and earrings with hidden tech talents
Semi-precious: Best smart jewellery

Smart jewellery is a top wearable tech trend, and is one of the best ways for fashion conscious women to get the benefits of smartwatches and fitness trackers, without having to wear a dull slab of plastic on their arm.

Startups like Ringly and Kovert Designs have been quick to realise this, and have created some beautiful designer jewellery that does more than just look good. With added smarts including fitness tracking and notifications, the next generation of earrings, necklaces, bracelets and rings are going to be connected.

What's more, the trend isn't some far-flung idea for the future. Womenswear designers, MIT students and Kickstarter teams are already on the case with smart jewellery that notifies you, tracks you and even cools you down.

Here are eight of our favourites - some are on sale now and some need more funding to make them a reality.


best smart jewellery altruis

Altruis ticks a lot of boxes. It looks fresh and chic and worth the (admittedly high) price tag. It does one job and one job well - alerting you to important notifications. It's modular so even if you choose a ring, bracelet or pendant to begin with, you can choose to pop out the main unit and wear it in a different style. And there's enough choice to make it personal - gold, rose gold or platinum for the metals, three different ring sizes.

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The best bit? It's not just a bunch of pretty accessories. You can choose to only let through notifications that contain predetermined keywords. That's what we call smart.

From $480,

Bellabeat LEAF

best smart jewellery

The Bellabeat LEAF has now gone on sale - offering a range of lifestyle tracking options from a slick looking device.

Stress levels are monitored by LEAF, by recording the wearer's breathing patterns. When you put on the LEAF for the first time, you input how stressed you're feeling into the app – and an algorithm keeps track of your vitals going forward. The device can also help women track their menstrual cycles and advise them during periods of ovulation. Step and sleep monitoring is also part of the feature package.

From $119,

Misfit Swarovski Shine

best connected jewellery

The sparkly Shine is an official partnership, with the design work done by Swarovski's in house team in France, rather than the crystals being bought in bulk and stuck on – like the Samsung Gear S strap we saw at IFA.

The Swarovski Shine features all the same tracking technology as its forefather the Misfit Shine and cheaper cousin, the Misfit Flash. That means step and activity tracking, as well as sleep monitoring, with results delivered via the Misfit smartphone app.

From $169,


best smart jewellery ear-o-smart

The ear is a spot that has a lot of potential for wearables, particularly for women used to wearing earrings. Ear-o-Smart is a single earring which tracks activity, calories burned and heart rate and syncs this to iPhone or Android. The prototype uses a coin cell battery that will last eight hours and the team are also selling a DIY kit to allow tinkerers to add their own stones and metal cases on top of the tiny components.

Ear-o-Smart didn't quite hit its Kickstarter target but the company says its still on course for launch.


Arc Pendant

best smart jewellery arc pendant

Arc Pendant is one of the best examples we've seen of smart jewellery for men. That's right, you heard us. Designed to be worn underneath a shirt or t-shirt, the Arc is voice-activated and has haptics all around the necklace. That means it can be used to help cyclists navigate city streets, with nudges left and right, without the need to look at cycling computer or smartphone screens.

It's water-resistant, should boast a month's battery life and also tracks body position and posture. Plus if you don't feel comfortable wearing a necklace, the main unit does pop out.


Tory Burch x Fitbit

best smart jewellery tory burch fitbit

Fitbit has legions of fans already and these Tory Burch cases in jewellery form are a great treat for existing users. The American designer has brought her signature style to these open, gold-plated pieces - necklaces and bracelets make up the range.

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They're certainly elegant, even if you can see the Fitbit peeping through. The Metal Hinged Bracelet is slightly more expensive than the Fret Pendant, but still not astronomical at $195.

From $50,

Opening Ceremony MICA

best smart jewellery opening ceremony mica

Yes the MICA (My Intelligent Communication Accessory) is a bit on the expensive side but with semi-precious obsidian and pearls, it's no pricier than the equivalent dumb cuffs sold by Opening Ceremony.

It's untethered too with a free two year AT&T contract thrown in. That means you can leave your phone at home for an evening out and still get text messages and alerts to the bracelet's 1.6-inch OLED screen, handily hidden on the inside of the cuff. A collaboration with Intel that we hope gets repeated the world over, MICA is a wearable to coo over.



Ringly is an 18k gold ring set with a choice of emerald, pink sapphire, black onyx, moonstone or the limited edition tourmalated quartz. It comes in three different sizes and connects to both iOS or Android phones.

So how does it work? Four vibration patterns and five colours can be mapped to meeting alerts, calls, texts, Ubers arriving and Facebook and Twitter notifications. The idea is that you can get on with what you're doing and know at a glance if you need to pick up your phone. As elegant as wearable tech gets right now.



best smart jewellery mira

Rather than hide your fitness tracker inside jewellery a la Tory Burch and Fitbit, why not just choose a good-looking band in the first place? Mira is currently seeking funding on Kickstarter for its open, jewel-coloured design which can clip onto belts and sportswear as well as pop into the bracelet.

A great (or potentially annoying) addition is that the app sends motivational Boosts throughout the day to keep you on track or just make you laugh. Mira is iPhone and US-only for now but the inventors promise a swift delivery target of January 2015 to backers.



best smart jewellery wristify

Shunning the notifications game for now is Wristify. This MIT project and Intel Make It Wearable finalist takes a day-to-day problem that women really have - finding their temperature fluctuates massively - and tries to solve it. The 'thermoelectric' bracelet can cool down or warm up your wrist area within seconds via heat pumps and uses algorithms to keep the bursts flowing in waves so you don't adjust too quickly and lose the benefit.

The final version will be crowdfunded in 2015 and Embr Labs hopes this personal thermostat will slash energy bills for heating and air conditioning in offices.


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