ETA 2016: The best PlayStation VR games to look forward to

ETA 2016: The best PlayStation VR games to look forward to

Big names and indie titles for Sony's upcoming PS4 accessory
PlayStation VR games coming in 2016

Sony's line-up of PlayStation VR games keeps on getting more and more credible with a fresh batch of titles just announced at PlayStation Experience. There's no single must-play title yet but if the VR headset launches with these games, PS4 owners should be pretty happy.

We still don't have a PlayStation VR release date, of course, but Sony has done a nice job at getting indie devs on board alongside big names like Ubisoft.

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Below you'll find the games Sony's own Studio is working on, as well as our picks of what has been announced so far. Some are PS4 titles which have a VR mode, some were built from the ground up for virtual reality.

If you have a PS4 and you're interested in splashing out on Sony's first gen VR headset accessory, these are the first VR games you'll be playing next year...

Eagle Flight

Ubisoft's experimental VR demo is now an official PlayStation VR title. Assassin's Creed fans got super excited about this as Ubisoft used what looks like the Paris of AC: Unity in this but the games publisher has categorically said this isn't that series for VR.

Instead, it's a third person game/experience of well, flying as an eagle over the city streets of Paris. Plus Ubisoft reckon very few people who have tried the demo experience any discomfort.

EVE: Valkyrie

This multiplayer space shooter from CCP Games has a bit of a headstart as it's been in development for a few years now. Also coming to the Oculus Rift, EVE: Valkyrie is a fast-paced dogfight set in the EVE: Online universe.

You can play against headset wearing friends in short, fun sessions, swap ships and try out capture the flag modes. Plus dying in this game is kind of magical.


This is a PlayStation exclusive from Highwire Games and it looks damn interesting. You play as a girl controlling golems, via your eyes and movements, while creeping through ancient ruins filled with treasures.

The devs say that the aim of the game is to make you feel the power of controlling these golems. It's an interesting mechanic and we can't wait to see where they take it.

Psychonauts in the Rhombus of Ruin

The PS4 game Psychonauts, about psychic secret agents, is coming to the PlayStation VR as a standalone experience that's another exclusive for the platform. According to Double Fine Productions, the VR game is set at the end of Psychonauts and designed to set up the narrative and plot threads of the sequel, a wedge of new material in between the full games.

Rez Infinite

A PS4 remake of Sega's psychedelic rail-shooter Rez, a cult classic originally on PlayStation 2, now includes VR support as well as upgraded graphics. The game will also feature 'new content' but we don't know what that is yet and, as with many of these VR games, there's no release date either.

More details should trickle through early next year but already a force feedback suit that players could wear while they play has been shown off.

Ace Combat 7

Namco Bandai's arcade flight Ace Combat series comes to the PS4 and VR with photorealistic graphics, authentic and futuristic aircraft to choose from and - no doubt - familiar dogfighting action.

Development is only 20% complete but we already know that players will be flying through clouds and a few other tidbits.

100ft Robot Golf

We couldn't miss 100ft Robot Golf from No Goblinout. It does what it says on the tin, really. Four players can urban golf, as robots, at once because it's all just crazy and silly plus if big old buildings or other robots are in your way, the idea is that you smash them down to take your shot.

The London Heist

Set in London's gritty criminal underworld, this upcoming VR shooter was one of the biggest draws at E3. TheLondon Heist allows you to use the PlayStation Move controller in both hands for added realism, with gamers having full control of the character's body and arms as he ducks for cover.

One of the thrills of early demos is manually reloading your gun with clips. Putting on your own cockney accent while you "top" bad-geezers is totally optional.

Final Fantasy XIV

"For us, there can be no going back." This may actually be the case after entering this new, reborn realm. FF XIV is only the second MMORPG within the Final Fantasy series, so bringing it to virtual reality is huge deal. With all new scenery and mounts on VR, we can certainly expect some unique side quests.

Robinson: The Journey

In Crytek's new title, announced at E3 2015, you'll take on the role of a boy who has crash-landed on a breath-taking planet. All we know from the demos so far is that you'll be able to explore your extremely pretty surroundings, and interact with the wildlife and environment around you. Take it all in. It's not everyday you run into a 50 foot dinosaur.

Dead Secret

As a journalist eager to make the headlines, you will embark on a journey with mysterious occurrences - all to find out who murdered Harris Bullard. This is the first horror title released by Robot Invader and you'll be looking to unravel the clues behind the mystery, using virtual reality to your advantage.

Until Dawn: Rush of Blood

Simon Harris, executive producer at Supermassive Games, claims they've created a "very different style of game" and, from the looks of it, he isn't fibbing. Not only does Until Dawn look like an amazing first person shooter, it also looks scary as hell, with some survival features thrown in the mix.

Gran Turismo Sport

Gran Turismo has been a Sony exclusive, as well as a huge hit, for years and that doesn't seem to be changing any time soon. With the use of virtual reality, the legendary racing game can be taken a step further. It will feature FIA Gran Turismo Championships, giving you a chance to get your head in the race for your favourite car manufacturer or home country.


Taking a step back from the big name games, this 80's Atari classic deserves a mention. Its makers state: "If we can capture the same revolutionary thrill of the original Battlezone for a whole new generation of gamers, then we'll have done gaming history proud." Taking the 'original' VR first person tank battle game and 21st-centurying it is certainly a bold ambition.


Pollen has been built with VR in mind and the visuals look stunning. It's a game in which you will explore Titan – Saturn's largest moon. Obviously, being in deep space alone, a few things are bound to go wrong.

Additional words by Charlie Davis.

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