22 essential fitness apps that work with Apple Health

22 essential fitness apps that work with Apple Health

The best ​Apple Health compatible apps for complete health tracking
Best apps for Apple Health in iOS 8

A big part of iOS 8 is Apple Health, a centralised dashboard for all your wearable tech and fitness app data powered by the HealthKit developer framework.

The Health app aggregates and displays information from the likes of Withings, Jawbone and RunKeeper, as well as data from the iPhone's bevy of sensors, as a way of binding together the often disparate information collected by your wearables.

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However, the compatible apps and the type of data Apple Health can share is far from clear, which is why we've rounded up our favourite iOS 8 friendly apps.

7 Minute Workout

The ever popular workout app will log the calories burned during your seven minute fat-blasting regimes with Apple Health, as you get down and give your iPhone twenty.

Free, 7 Minute Workout


This popular app packs more than 20 million recipes and includes syncing with popular shopping platforms like Instacart. The Apple Health integration comes by way of nutrition and calorie counting, allowing you to keep track of how your eating habits are affecting your lifestyle.

Free, Yummly

UP by Jawbone

Users of both the ubiquitous activity tracking wearable and the standalone iOS app that uses the iPhone's built-in sensors and motion co-processor can have step, sleep calorie and activity registered with the iOS 8 Health platform.

Free, Up by Jawbone


Apple announced that menstrual cycle tracking would be added to Health with iOS 9 and this is one of the best apps to download now while you wait for the new software to drop. Already integrated with Health with the option to add basal body temperature, Clue's makers have promised period tracking is coming soon.

Free, Biowink


Apple Health will add details of your meals as well as weight data, so you can get an at-a-glance view of your intake on the dashboard. You can also log exercise here, too.

Free, MyFitnessPal

Nike+ Running

If you use Nike's ever popular app when pounding the pavements, all the information from your run will be logged with your iOS device upon your return, including distances, times and the intensity of your workout.

Free, Nike+ Running

Map My Run

MapMyRun now offers 24/7 activity tracking on iOS as well as in-depth analysis of your runs, information from all of which can be logged Apple Health.

Free, MapMyRun

Withings Health Mate

Withings' app syncs all of the data from connected activity trackers such as the Withings Pulse OX, Smart Body Analyzer and Blood Pressure Monitor into Apple's iOS 8 dashboard.

Free, Withings Health Mate

Strava Running and Cycling

Strava's newly updated app makes full use of Apple's M7 motion co-processor for tracking of runs and bike rides, and users can opt into have information shared within Apple's HealthKit platform.

Free, Strava


This general daily activity tracking version of the running app is also deeply integrated with Apple Health. The app tracks steps, active minutes, and calories burned and sends all the data to Apple Health.

Free, Runtastic


The more dedicated gun-sculptors can share data from DailyBurn's range of power workouts with HealthKit, including calories burned and information on the types of workouts completed.

Free, DailyBurn

Golfshot: Golf GPS

An usual addition to the Apple Health family, the popular golf app quietly monitors steps, calories, and pace of play into the app, while you spend time finding new ways to ruin a nice walk.

Free, GolfShot


The perfect app for the all-action sports star, Endomondo will share information from walks, hikes, cycles and even orienteering. You name it, Endomondo tracks it, and then deposits the data in Apple Health.

Free, Endomondo

Weight Watchers Mobile

If you're a Weight Watchers member using the app for its food tracking database, Apple Health can display fat, carbs, fibre, protein. What's more, the dashboard will show your points scores.

Free, Weight Watchers

Garmin Connect

Garmin Connect is one of the most complete health tracking platforms out there, and the app will now write active calorie burn, steps and walking data and running Distance to Apple Health.

Free, Garmin Connect


Beddit's in-bed sensor app total sleep, cycles, heart rate, and snoring, offering the most complete night time data in Apple Health.

Requires device, Beddit

PEAR Training

PEAR's workouts and training are synced with HealthKit so you can review metrics like distance, calories, and heart rate among your other fitness data.

Free, Pear Training


The barcode scanning app for food tracking integrated calorie information into Health, and also works with Runkeeper, Withings, and Moves for one of the most complete pictures of your wellbeing available.

Free, Lifesum

Trails GPS

The ultimate walkers app, Trails GPS provides topographical tracking of your country jaunts, and enables you to load downloaded GPX data from the web. On the Apple Health side, it will save your exercise details into the app.

Free, Trails GPS

Get Moving

A classic activity/sedentary lifestyle app, Get Moving actually pairs with Apple Health to use the information from other apps to colour its own data. If you're tracking calories with Health, Get Moving will use that information to estimate if you're doing enough to burn those bad boys off.

$0.99, Get Moving

Dance Party

Partying like it's 2004 is easy, with this dance-off app that pairs your iPhone with an iMac or Apple TV. You mirror the moves on screen, and your device acts as a motion sensor to give you points. Yes, it's like a first generation Wii game. Yes, it's a fairly niche way of getting fit. Yes, your dance-off data gets synced to Apple Health.

Free, Dance Party


More than just a phone-based activity tracking app, Fjuul monitors the intensity of your exercise, enabling you to push yourself further, whether you're walking to work or vacuuming the house. Of course, all information can be synced with Apple Health.

Free, Fjuul

If your favourite Apple Health compatible app isn't included, let us know using the comments below and check out our guide to getting started with Apple Health.


  • arijaycomet says:

    Great list of apps there.  Beyond PEAR, another great app is Wahoo Fitness (who also make some amazing sensor devices).  I've reviewed a bunch on my blog, and really love the new TICKR devices.

    It is also worth noting that certain apps take a rather closed environment attitude on the whole HealthKit side of things.  For example, Withings is happy to contribute TO the HK platform, but pulls no data FROM the service.  This means they don't want your 3rd party data, but you can have theirs to do with as you please.

    I still think that, at least right now, MyFitnessPal works far better as a hub for most of this data.  And most all of the apps you listed here sync to MFP flawlessly.  As a matter of fact, HealthKit has serious issues with how it aggregates some data.  One such example are steps.  Using my Misfit Flash to sync to HealthKit adds steps above and beyond the steps my phone already records.  Hence the steps you'll see in HealthKit are a COMBINED total of both the motion coprocessor AND the wrist-tracker, giving you a false sense of actual activity.

    There needs to be some improvement obviously with how HealthKit handles all of the data, but it is a good step in the right direction for now.

  • Lightfast says:

    Apple or whoever created this app assumes all of "us users" are healthy. Some of do not have the good fourtiion to run like bunny. Some of us view the word " Health" through different eyes with no other option. To bad for "US" I guess. 

    • Jackemeyer says:

      I dunno. Certainly these types of Apps are assuming all Users have health concerns, whether immediate or long-term, and regardless of speed/strength/endurance, each offers the User an opportunity to begin the habit of tracking. Instead of thinking in terms of "good" vs "bad" for anyone, we each have a new opportunity. Give it a "go", then please share with us your constructive criticisms. Looking forward to your replies as you learn more, David

  • yoyoballs says:

    Does anybody know if there is a useful fat burning app that can be used with the sports watch to tell you activity in fat burning zone etc

  • FitInDurham says:

    How about wisewear's socialite?? It's pretty new but would love to see my steps tracked with this wearable included in Apple Health. 

  • Twweesa says:

    Please add MyDietCoach.  Also, not sure how "Activity" is supposed to work with "Health".  The steps that show in Health are different from Activity.

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